Friday, June 3, 2011

Atlas Shrugged? Angry Birds?

Here's the battle that raged in my mind tonight:

Atlas Shrugged.


Atlas Shrugged.




Clearly, updating you guys on life in Texas won out over both the book and the bird-throwing game. I am never going to finish Atlas Shrugged, which is a pity because I'm quite enjoying it. It's just that it's 1100 pages long, font size 6. I read for hours and I'm still at the beginning of the book. As far as Angry Birds goes, I (finally) put the app on my phone yesterday and my kids and I are FLYING through the levels. It's instantly gratifying. We are kind of Angry Birds savants. (Or is *everyone* an Angry Birds savant? I don't know. All I know for a surety is that I would disgust Dagny Taggart.)

What have we been doing in Texas besides whittling away the days of our probation throwing birds at (inexplicably) green pigs? Buying the World's Most Scrumptious Tomatoes, that's what.

Observe the photograph above of my children enjoying free samples at the Dallas Farmer's Market. I never notice how wretchedly sub-par Walmart's produce is until I eat something that *wasn't* harvested three weeks earlier in the southern hemisphere. If you know me (and my kids), we are lovers of good fruit. This farmer's market is our new happy place.

Now I'm going to make a dent in Atlas Shrugged. For real. See you in 2016.
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Jenn said...

I feel bad that gain happiness through your bordum, but it seems you are blogging while you are bored, and well your posts make me happy.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good tomato, I'm way jealous!

Jenn said...

since you are a grammer freak I figured I better correct myself...

...I meant boredom.

Naomi Mae said...

After you finish Atlas Shrugged, I am forcing you to read The Fountainhead, which is MY favorite Ayn Rand book :-)

Also, I will call you later today about the ,ove. I keep trying to figure out how to explain it... But I think I will not be blogging about it after all. Thus resorting to actual talking time with one of my favorite people :-) win/win for me!

I love fresh fruits and vegetables! I was spoiled with oranges when we lived in LA and now nothing will ever taste as good! Though it could have been the pregnancy hormones! I was 6-8 months with Oscar!

Naomi Mae said...

Also you have to ad it it is kind of nice to be able to blog with your phone (also hear it ring!) kind of instantly gratifying. Especially when people comment :-)

Lisa said...

I haven't bought walmart produce in a LONG time.It has always sucked. I'm totally over walmart now. I used to love walmart.
Man we miss you guys.

Naomi Mae said...

Also forgot to say, that I have worn my new boots every day but one since getting them and I am prettynsure no matter how hot it gets, they will still be a staple of my wardrobe. When I die in them (probably due to heat stroke) you can just leave them on and bury me in them :-D

Marie Says Yes said...

just catching up on posts.

"let's make our world more giant friendly"!??!?!