Monday, June 20, 2011

"I'm not even fishing, I'm [reading about] fishing!"

For Father's Day we sent DJ on an Alaskan Fishing Adventure. In our living room. (Did you think I was serious? What is this, 2007? Um, NO. And really, recliner fishing is the most acceptable form of Sabbath day fishing, in my self-righteous opinion.)

His adventure began with a meal of baked halibut, steamed white rice, cauliflower, and breadsticks, with vanilla ice cream for dessert--a meal as white as the family who ate it. As an added bonus, there is still the, ahem, UNIQUE aroma of halibut lingering in my kitchen. So it's like I am enjoying it TWICE. I'm kinda ready to stop enjoying this halibut.

After dinner, DJ hit the water. You should know, DJ is a serious angler who uses only the most sophisticated equipment. For his adventure yesterday he used the Broom Rod 3000 with a DVD player power cord strung through it for line.

And boy oh boy, were they biting! He really worked up a sweat reeling them in. (Or maybe that was because our A/C is broken.) At the end of the day, DJ caught his limit.

Happy Father's Day, DJ!

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Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

That is THE CUTEST IDEA EVAR. Seriously. You are awesome. What a great wife! :-)

Hurst Family said...

That's AWESOME! What a great idea Elise! And sorry your house still smells like fish... ew.

Inspired Kathy said...

Great job!! All Brian got was duct tape as his present.

Jenn said...

The perfect gift for a fisherman! See look, you are a cute and creative Mom!

Roth Family said...

That is an awesome idea. You are so creative.

Naomi Mae said...

What a beautiful and sweet gift for father's day! I love it!
You're kids are so darn cute! I miss their little noses!
And I get the sippy cup/bottle thrown at my head after the "uh" too! I am seriously rethinking the "terrible 2's" it must start at 18 months! I get the cup chucked at my head and if that doesn't get me moving he screams a couple times and throws himself on the floor. I generally just watch it happen because he's pretty cute. Maybe it's not the right reaction? :-)