Monday, July 27, 2009

The Magical Fruit

I had a moment of introspection today and I discovered two things about myself:

1. I don't like it when my house smells like bacon.
2. I suck at making refried beans.

Moving on (because I don't want to talk about the beans).

DJ blessed Tess in Sacrament meeting yesterday. It was beautiful. I love little Tess. We hosted a family potluck following the blessing and I let Macey run amok with my camera. This is what I got:

Geez louise, I am a nerd...

...but DJ is a bigger nerd.

"Ready Grandpa? One...two...[click]"

My communist bro-in-law, Manny, and my new niece, Jaelyn. Vive Pinochet!

...and I think I may finally be coming to terms with my mutant toes. Maybe not.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Frozen Burritos and Plastic Surgery

Hi, my name is Elise and I am a comfort eater. What? This isn't Comfort Eaters Anonymous? This is my family blog? Then I probably shouldn't tell you about how I singlehandedly polished off a ten count package of Lynn Wilson's frozen burritos this week. And most of a bag of Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys. [Little sidenote: regular Marshmallow Mateys=pretty good, Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys=Holy MOLY I've died and gone to Comfort Eaters Anonymous heaven.]

You may be thinking, "what does that adorable picture of Tess have to do with Elise's overeating?" Answer: nothing! I went to get pictures of Tess taken today because...drumroll, please... we finally scheduled her lip surgery (and I wanted to have a good picture of her before she looks all different)! Her surgery is scheduled for the 30th so we'll be headed up to Primary Children's at the end of next week. (I don't know, does two months old seem a little young for plastic surgery? Maybe that's how the comfort eating ties in...)

P.S. You know what's better than getting really cute professional pictures taken? Getting really cute professional pictures taken FOR FREE! Hee! Thanks again, Carrie! The next time I find a coupon for something truly awesome I will give it to you. Or I'll secretly keep it and you'll be none the wiser.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No German Shepherds?!

All right, ladies, time to brush up on your giant inflatable bouncy castle safety rules. Here goes:

No scissors. Check. That one's a no-brainer.

No googly eyes. Check. (Welp, Tess, I have some bad news...)

No wearing a dress that poofs way out from your body and makes you look pregnant. Check. (Or is that "No being pregnant"? Or maybe it's "No being one of those little peg people from the Game of Life")

No being from Switzerland.

No wearing a watch.

No bouncing with giants. Or little people. Are you sensing some discrimination? I am. First the Swiss, now the giants. Imagine how you'd feel if you were a Swiss giant.

No flying through the air and landing on your head without bending your legs or arms. I say, if this is a feat that you are capable of, more power to you.

No German Shepherds?? Wha??? Who ARE these people??!!

No cheeseburgers and a drink. Easy peasy. I should be able to abstain for at least an hour.

No loafers. Finally, something we can agree on. (Imagine if you were a Swiss giant wearing loafers...)

Now that that's all cleared up, here are some cute pictures of my kids and their cousins hanging out at Jumpin Jacks today. My sister Lisa is The Fun Aunt. She's visiting us this week from Ohio. She organized this trip, paid for everyone, and then played with the kids the whole time. Fun Aunt Lisa, you need to move home!