Friday, February 6, 2009

Finally! An excuse to post a picture of David Bowie! (psht! as if I needed one)

A new blog layout! Is anyone else feeling seasick???? Is it just me??? This is a little disorienting. It's like that time last week when I did my hair. You know, styled it. I was substituting for our ward's primary chorister. All three of my kids were sick and staying home with DJ so I thought I'd make the best of all of my extra getting-ready-for-church time by doing something with my hair besides the usual ponytail. It was a monumental day. So I went to church with my hair all in my face, feeling dizzy and confused. "What is that stuff blocking my peripheral vision?!" I thought, "is that my hair?!" About halfway through Sacrament meeting I had another thought (unrelated to my hair), "is it just me, or is Sacrament meeting feeling unusually long for everyone else?" I had no children to entertain. There were no princess fashion sticker books to occupy me. No Cheerios. No trips to the bathroom (well, one close call). It was just me, my scriptures, and my hymnal. And that is when I discovered that my attention span is not what it once was. My children are shrinking my brain!

So, with my disorientation and shrinking brain in mind, it's time for my next story. I cleaned out my refrigerator today (yes, another monumental day). And I lived to tell the tale! It was terrifying. It was scarier than David Bowie singing to that baby in Labyrinth. There was one container, the contents of which I couldn't identify but now that I think about it, it looked just like one of the muppets from Labrynth. On the positive side of things, I figured out what the heck happened to all of my tupperware. And Olivia's missing Croc.

And now for my last story! I had my ultrasound yesterday and found out that we're having a girl! I was all excited, thinking that I'd be able to have some fun ultrasound pictures to post so that people could wonder what they were supposed to be, but it turns out that this little girl is a tad camera shy. Either that our she is unusually proud of her umbilical cord--it was in front of her face the entire time. I don't care though. I was just happy to see that she is healthy and has two arms and two legs and four chambers in her heart. And I was really really happy when they finally let me go to the bathroom. ;)