Thursday, June 16, 2011

I could be a doctor

This week my eyes swelled up to the point that I looked like one of those weirdo goldfish with the eyes that bug way out of their heads. I visited a "doctor" who shined a really bright light under my eyelids, looked nonplussed, wrote some stuff down, and then gave me a prescription for antibiotics which cost a total of $130.00.

Psht. *I* could be a doctor.

Anyway, this was a dilemma for me. Do I want to look like a mutant goldfish, or do I want to spend $130 on medicine which may or may not work, but will surely give me funky breath? I went with a compromise: take $30 worth of antibiotics, some Allegra, and half a gallon of pistachio ice cream. So far it's working.

What else did we do this week? A little bit of the botanical gardens, a lot of the Fort Worth Zoo, A LOT of the pool, a chunk of Atlas Shrugged, one box of Fudgsicles, two watermelons, and as little housework as possible. Happy summer!
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Naomi Mae said...

I'm pretty sure we were separated at birth. Last week I had to spend $125 on antibiotics, only it wasn't my eyes swelling up, it was my uterus. :-P Not like I plan on using it!
So, how did you get away with $30 of antibiotics? Magic? I'm jealous because I'm pretty sure I cried when the pharmacist said how much it was!

Naomi Mae said...

P.S. Love the Pinnacle picture of Chancho :-)

Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

So did he at least tell you WHY you look like a freaky goldfish? How annoying. My condolences.


Cathy's Blog said...

Love doctors they don't really know much but think they know everything and then load you up with drugs!! Its a conspiracy..the doctors and the pharmacutical companies work together to take as much money from us as they can!!!

Jenn said...

Fudgsicles always do the trick for me!