Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why TV is Bad and Some Other Stuff, by Elise Haynes

First, the Other Stuff:
Here is a picture of us in the snow. It snowed in St. George. I am not a fan of the snow. I would like to gift wrap all of the snow that we have received in the last two weeks and mail it to president-elect Obama. And that's all I have to say about that.

Here is a sample of the dialog from our family dinner about a week before Christmas:
DJ: "What did you girls do today?"
Olivia: "We went Christmas shopping at the Bambi store (Sportsman's Warehouse)and bought a puzzle for you."
Me: "We didn't buy you a puzzle. Seriously, we didn't buy a puzzle for you."
Macey (whispering loudly to me): "Yes we did, Mom!" Merry Christmas, DJ.

Now, Why TV is Bad:
I feel like I always confess to my blog. Today is no exception. In the above photograph you see my three children and my niece, Annie Bananie, in their bathing suits in my bathtub eating ham straight from the package and laughing about it. Naughtiness. So here's the confession: my brother-in-law loaned us the first four seasons of the tv show "24" and one thing led to another...yada yada yada... I found the kids in the bathtub with the ham. I blame television for my bad parenting. With the exception of this one year period in which I was addicted to The Office, I am not a huge TV watcher. We don't have cable. But I cannot stop watching stupid 24. So there you have it, everyone, I am not as perfect as you suspected.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We are rednecks, as it turns out. Huh.

Just to prove that we're still alive I am writing this brief post and I'm even going to attach a picture as evidence that we haven't headed for the hills or anything. That was one gigantic run-on sentence, huh? Well, it's late. I just spent the last hour and a half folding laundry that has been clean for at least five days. I made venison for dinner. And when I was at the fabric store with my three children today (the definition of insanity) they tipped an entire shopping cart over sideways onto themselves. Things have been a little wacky over here. And here are the pictures to prove it. (This is me browsing through pictures to post.) Holy crap. We did head for the hills. We ate DEER for dinner. And I can't even explain that picture of me with the elk head, I just thought I should get that out in the open before DJ tries to use it to blackmail me. Speaking of blackmail, I'm pretty sure that our Christmas tree is a Blue Spruce. Our state tree. Thank goodness we cut it down in "Arizona", right? If the Christmas tree police come knocking on our door, I'm going to know who sent them because I think only three people read this blog. So don't even think about it. Welp, until next time...