Tuesday, May 31, 2011

...and it is hot, the end.

For our summer-long trip to Dallas I brought along four or five of those giant tupperware bins full of items that we use every day and left the rest of our junk at home. Our bins contained things like dishes, clothing, towels, my Seinfeld DVDs, et cetera. The essentials. That's it.

For the most part, I don't miss our junk. I don't have to step on toys, dust any tchotchkes, or anything like that. It makes for a nice summer vacation. However, it turns out that while some items are not essential, they are quite handy. Like what? you ask. Here are a few examples:

Toys. Desperate for toys earlier this week, Macey and Olivia resorted to filling grocery bags with MORE grocery bags, drawing faces on them, and using them as dolls. They named them Niblets. I don't know why.

Matches. In the above photograph you'll see me (trying to) light Tess's birthday candle on a glowing burner. I melted wax all over my stove and the closest we came to ignition was when I singed all of the hair off of my right hand. You can see from the crowd gathered around me that it was the highlight of the party.

Finally, cake pans/cake decorating supplies. Poor Tess. No day-glow pink horse cakes for her. Because I felt guilty, and I was craving them, I made two cakes for Tess to make up for it--a Texas sheet cake (which seemed both appropriate and delicious) and a Better Than Se..., I mean, Wubbies cake. Tess didn't seem to care. Frankly, I'm not sure whether she even knew it was her birthday. She was just happy to eat cake, like her mother before her.

That other picture up there is of my kids and their cousin Ashley posing under one of the Mustangs of Las Colinas. I dragged everyone there on Tess's birthday because I felt bad about sitting by the pool every other day. There were large mustang statues. It was super hot. We had to go swimming to cool off.

The end.

P.S. If anyone out there has ever used the Blogger Droid app and knows how to insert pictures into the text, please let me know. Signed, Technologically Handicapped in Dallas
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Cathy's Blog said...

Someone told me you had an iPhone. I guess they were wrong!! You guys look like your having fun and it is neat to see that your children are as talented as you are in the creative department. Love the bag dolls!!! Miss you guys!!

Anne said...

Elisey! I am enjoying your junk at home. Wait a minute... YOU DIDN'T LEAVE ANY JUNK AT HOME!! Your house is the most de- cluttered I've ever been in. WHERE is the junk? Please post more pictures of everyone- I saw the back of Casey Boy's head and made me miss all of you! If you get this message - please come home. Oh. And if there's a tornado- please chase it and take a picture of it.
The end.

Naomi Mae said...

Things I've learned, a 3 year old and a 1 year old never feel desperate for toys and I always pack too many toys for them. No trash bag niblets here! Sorry to say.
Also we don't bring out kitchen stuff anymore except pots and pans, because we get the cheapest of the cheap plates/bowls at the dollar store and steal cups from restaurants.... Oops, I meant we never steal cups...
Also my kids miss your kids. Makayla still talks about DJ and Macey and Olivia! (she's decided Tess is Oscar's friend, so when she talks about her it's only to Oscar) she is mad that Utah is too far to drive to go visit you. So i will be Bo bardi g you with lots of park trips and cupcake parties come post season!