Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just sitting there fishing...

Whew! Time flies when you're... when you're... hmm. What have we been doing? I cannot believe that it's already April. The last three months are a total blur. I know that we went fishing at one point. I'm pretty sure that it was last Saturday. Clearly it was a memorable trip. It was sunny and the kids were mostly cooperative. And at one point there was this random runaway dog that ran through our fishing area and SNARFED our kids pizza. Right out of their little hands. We were just sitting there fishing (what else do you do when you fish? You SIT THERE) and this really cute (though he may have been possessed by a legion of evil spirits) black dog comes running through our spot and snags Olivia's half-eaten pizza slice out of her hands and swallows it whole. We were able to laugh it off and forget about it. And then there we were, two hours later, just sitting there fishing when the crazy pizza dog comes trotting past again, this time gobbling up Chancho's half-eaten slice on his way. Baby DJ did not handle it with as much forbearance as Olivia. It was quite the scene. You have to understand--at this point in the fishing trip, the rest of the pizza was long gone. DJ had hidden this piece under the empty pizza box and pulled it out later (he didn't know how long we were going to be out there. He was planning ahead. Provident living. You know.). Anyway, DJ eventually got over it. It was a fun-filled day. And Macey was sideways the whole day. I don't know why. Or maybe I just forgot to flip her picture before I uploaded it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Throw out your dead!

We're ALIVE! Man, what a crazy month, er... year. I don't have anything to write about really I just felt like saying that we're here. Not dead yet! What have the Haynes' been up to lately, you ask? DJ is working for Primerica these days. Yeah, I know. Also, we've decided to join the Jehovah's Witnesses. Just kidding, although it's almost as shocking as the Primerica thing. I've been eating oven pancakes like it's going out of style lately. I love oven pancakes! Those, and Marshmallow Mateys. Who doesn't love a brimming bowl of pirate-themed marshmallow cereal? (Why can't I stop thinking about food?! I'm terrified for when this baby gets here and I still have this voracious, disgusting appetite but without the excuse of pregnancy.) So that's all-- Primerica and Marshmallow Mateys. The exciting times of DJ and Elise Haynes.