Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Name Game

When you hear the name 'Vienna' you think of a classy Austrian city, right? When I hear it in my head, I hear Christopher Plummer's classy voice telling his seven classy children that in the morning he must travel to classy Vienna. This is what my husband pictures: Yep. Canned mystery meat. I blame Parowan High School. I still like the name Vienna, though. DJ and I are playing the name game right now--trying to find a name for this little girl (who is coming on May 28th, by the way. Four weeks. Holy MOLY.) We have a list of names going that we (sort of) agree on. To be more accurate, DJ has a list of four names and I have a list of four names. Here's another name that we're grappling with: Elizabeth. I like it when it's associated with sassy Elizabeth Bennet from the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice. You know...

I have second thoughts about the name, though, when I picture Queen Receding Hairline Elizabeth:

I'm sure that Queen Elizabeth did some good things during her reign. I just read on Wikipedia (so you know it's true) that one of her mottoes was "video et taceo" which means "I see, and say nothing". I would like for this to be my newborn's motto as well. It's the receding hairline that I can't get past. Call me shallow.

Another name we're going back and forth on is Claire. DJ dislikes this name intensely. I like it a lot-- it was my grandma's middle name. Also, if we name her Elizabeth Claire then she can go by E. Claire Haynes. Bonus!

As you can see, we're having issues in the baby name department. I'd really like everyone's input. What I'm going to do is give you our name list and then I want you readers (both of you) to tell me which ones are least likely to get her made fun of in middle school. Here it is:
Vienna (Elise)
Jane (Elise)
Claire (Elise)
Tess (Elise)
Audrey (DJ)
Elizabeth (DJ)
Amelia (DJ)
Natalie (DJ)
Also, if you have any other name ideas I am absolutely open to suggestions. That eclair is making me salivate. I have to go find something sweet.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Good morning.

I got heartburn from a piece of dry toast this morning. And I just squirted myself in the eye with my grapefruit. That is all.
I promise I'll be back to my usual chipper self tomorrow. Repeat after me: only five weeks to go, only five weeks to go...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aww, poor little fella' fell asleep at the dinner table again...

Little DJ fell asleep in his chair in between the blessing and the serving of the food tonight at dinner. This is happening more and more now that he has totally given up formal napping. (You know, where I put him in his bed at a certain time and he magically falls asleep, and then I finally get some housework done...or eat cookies...) I think that maybe I'm the only person around our house who doesn't get as much sleep as I want. Or maybe I'm the only dorkwad that takes pictures of unsuspecting sleepers.

Elise's Humility-o-meter Update: So, you know how I was bragging about my nifty Scrabble word that scored me fifty-something points? Well, I had another amazing game and got this 71 point word ('tornado'--all seven of my letters on a triple word score space. I wish you could've seen it!) and I was telling the tale to my sisters and mom the other day while we were out yard saling. My mom listened patiently through my story before asking humbly, "Elise, my child, have I ever told you about the time I played a 118 point word?" Then she got this far-off look in her eyes as she described her victory, which took place some time back in the 90s. Maybe the 80s. And now I have been sufficiently humbled (but I'm still a teensy bit proud of that 71 point word).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm going to Disneyland!

It happened, everyone. Item #19 on my list of things that I love! You remember, "[Come] up with a really butt-kicking word in Scrabble. And put it on a triple word score space. And then [win] Carrie. One day this will happen. One day..." Well, TODAY IS THAT DAY. Well, yesterday was that day. The word--tiff. The points--51. It was glorious. Sure, 'tiff' isn't the most butt-kicking word I've ever Scrabbled (at one point in the game I had the word 'equinox' on my little tray thing but there was nowhere to put it....I KNOW!), but it brought me back from 24 points behind and kept me in the lead for the remainder of the game. Final score- Carrie, 233 Elise, 270. Awwwww yeeeeah! ...I have got to get a life...

Monday, April 13, 2009

I want my baby back, baby back, baby back...

My son, the carnivore.

I think that's all I need to say about this.

P.S. Try Troy's BBQ on 700 South. It's scrumptious (if you're into eating enormous platters of meat and you look forward to having an angioplasty).

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things That Elise Loves

I love making lists. I realized a little while back that I need to remind myself of all of the things that I love in life because lately it seems so easy to focus on the things that I don't love (checking the mail, for starters). I think it goes without saying that I love the gospel and all that that implies, so I'm going to give a little disclaimer and say that this list is just for fun. Don't expect anything too serious here. Also, as a reminder to those who haven't seen me in the last seven months, I am pregnant and consequently half of this list is food-related. Let's do it!

Things that I love:

1. My load-bearing husband. He works twelve hours a day and when he finally takes a Saturday off to go fishing with us he carries a kid, two camping chairs, and a fishing pole up the thirty steps to our car without complaining.

2. My weirdo kids. Why do I feel that this picture requires an explanation? I was cleaning up breakfast (that's why Chancho is wearing nothing but a diaper--I had just thrown his oatmeal-covered pajamas in the wash) and I heard Macey (who is shown here modeling her favorite dress. If I don't pick an outfit for her, she wears this. It's her default dress. The red tights are essential.) telling DJ to hold still. I turned around to see Macey fastening my dishtowel to Chancho's head with a headband. "He's Nephi!" she told me proudly. I don't know whether Nephi would've worn pink Crocs. DJ sure likes them, though.

3. Marshmallow Mateys. I know that I've said it before but I can't say it enough. 95% sugar. 100% heavenly.

4. The name Jane. If I can overcome my phobia of being a tacky name stealer then in seven weeks our new little girl will be called Jane. I don't care if it rhymes with our last name.

5. Really good fresh fruit. Especially strawberries and seedless watermelon. I cannot wait for the watermelon. Ooo... and grapefruit. Really juicy grapefruit.

6. Banana whole wheat waffles with vanilla yogurt on top.

7. Tums.

8. President Uchtdorf. I love all of the general authorities but I really think President Uchtdorf is cool. And not just because of his accent. I also like his hair. ;)
9. Really warm, sunny days.

10. Dipping graham crackers in milk.

11. When they play my favorite songs on the radio. I think I'll rip my radio out of my dashboard with my bare hands if I hear "I'm Yours" one more time, though.

12. DJ's grandparents, Mendal and Marilyn Haynes. They are the two coolest old people you'll ever meet.

13. Pathetic-looking, dumb dogs (as long as they aren't mine and as long as they're not going #2 on my lawn).

14. Pink toenail polish.

15. Poorly written LDS romance novels. There, I said it. Please don't judge me.

16. Finding great deals at yard sales. Who doesn't love that? I like what DJ's cool Grandpa Mendal says about yard sales: "Stuff you don't need at a price you can afford".

17. When my refrigerator leaks all over the kitchen floor. No wait, I hate that. Crap. Wrong list.

18. When I have the self-discipline to go to bed on time. This rarely happens but I love how refreshed I feel the morning after.

19. Coming up with a really butt-kicking word in Scrabble. And then putting it on a triple word score space. And then winning Carrie. One day this will happen. One day...

20. Sewing stuff. Who would've thought?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bocce Ball!

DJ and I loaded up the kids today and went to a Primerica barbeque at the park. Most people spell fun F-U-N. DJ's new boss Jason spells fun B-O-C-C-E. What started out as a friendly get-together quickly turned into an ugly, sweaty, bocce ball tournament. DJ and my cousin Bodie were a team and I'm pretty sure that they dominated. I don't know how they could have avoided that. I mean, all you're doing is throwing a little heavy ball away from you, right? Anyway, they KILLED, baby!

And then there was the Easter egg hunt. And the Haynes' DOMINATE again! Olivia, who usually has all of the competitive spirit of a wilted head of lettuce, really delivered for us today. I'm so proud of her!