Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Little" Red Dress

This dress weighs one hundred and ten pounds.  It was premiered a week or two ago at Couture Week in Paris. (Yeah, I missed it, too.  I don't know how these things slip past my radar.  Or, raise your hand if you didn't know Couture Week existed until reading that sentence.  High five!)

Doesn't this seem like a step in the wrong direction, ladies?  Doesn't this dress seem like a hearty slap in the makeup-less face of feminism?  We've managed to get rid of the whalebone corsets.  We can wear pants now.  Nylons are on their way out.  I have some serious beef with these Parisian fashion designers, I'll tell you what.  Give me something I can work with, guys. 

Just something on my mind today.  As you were.


Paxton said...

is that why she has 2 body guards? in case she faints because her tiny little 90 lb frame can't walk in a 100+ lb dress?

Marie Says Yes said...

i, too, question the two men. are they her boyfriends? is it just too much woman for one man?
so many questions for the universe...