Friday, February 17, 2012

Memory of Warmer Times Lane

Raise your hand if you love St. George. 

Say what you will about St. George not having a Chick-fil-A, but I don't want to hear any complaints about the weather. 

That little warm spell we enjoyed last week reminded me of a trip that DJ and I took a few years back.  We went to Hawaii when it was January on the mainland.  I think it's perpetually June in Hawaii.  I was in the throes of pregnancy, dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder, and overall feeling crappy.  The trip was heavenly.  Care to join me for a stroll down Memory Lane, where we can all live vicariously through myself five years ago only without the morning sickness?
Words cannot describe how much I love this picture.  But I will try anyway.  This was taken at the Polynesian Cultural Center, where I began my career as a semi-professional hula dancer.  This was my first lesson.  The best part of the picture?  The old other people in the picture with me.  They are so happy.  And their outfits are so festive.  Most people scuba dive or sky dive or some other form of diving when they vacation.  Not me.  I kick it with the AARP.

Speaking of the AARP, feast your eyes on this fellow:
I love that guy. Besides the obvious satisfaction he derives from photobombing unsuspecting tourists, I just appreciate his overall attitude. You know, "Screw it, I'm retired. You don't like my back hair, that's your problem." 

One more comment on this picture. If you will, please take a moment to compare my hairdo in the hula dancing photo to my hairdon't in the photobombed picture.  Are you guys like me--do you make really bad decisions when you're pregnant?  And very ill-thought-out decisions when you're on vacation?  We all knew going into this trip that something bad was going to happen to my hair.  That hairdon't is both the worst and most expensive haircut I've ever received.
Thanks for joining me on my trip down Memory of Warmer Times Lane.  Only three months until summer!

P.S.  Like I threatened last week, here is a link to what I wrote for St. George News this week.  I didn't really care for it, but I didn't have anything else to write about and I didn't think they'd appreciate vacation pictures from five years ago.  Not like you guys.  En. Joy.


Maggie Hurst said...

I cried laughing at the AARP thing. No, really. THANK YOU. It's been a terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-day and that brought a smile to my face, laughter to my night and tears to my eyes. *sigh* And THIS is why we should be friends in real life not just blogland :)

Marie Says Yes said...

Elise, will you go to Hawaii with me? I want to go. Our husbands can come or not, who cares.
Let me just say this about pregnancy/post-partum hair decisions: right after Olivia was born, I cut 14 inches off of my hair in the worst/most expensive hair cut in my life. Why don't people intervene? Is it just that they want to protect their own life or limb from the hormonal lady?
My husband still shudders when I mention "haircut" to him. He had to deal with that hair remorse for a long time.
Seriously. Think about the Hawaii thing.

Anne said...

I laughed at your AARP jokes until I realized I was one of them - aaauuugghh!!!
Thanks for the laugh Elise- I need a lot of those days!
And now you will be off to wet weather in May...have fun with that.

Paxton said...

hahaha, I would totally rather be safe on the ground kickin it "old" school, than getting eaten by dolphins (yes... dolphins, if they swim in the water they are terrifying to me) or free falling through the sky!

And I think bad hair decisions are a part of every major life hurtle... getting married? DON'T TOUCH YOUR HAIR, pregnant or having a baby JUST LET IT BE you know, that type of thing :-)