Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Allow me to introduce my friends...

I've always named my blemishes, of course, but I've never envisioned myself displaying them on the World Wide Web for all to see. I haven't had a chin like this since Bill Clinton's first presidential term. In fact, that's what inspired their names. Ron - he's the little guy. He's just hanging in there. Newt - he won't go away, no matter how I try. Rick - he's a contender. He's right up there with Mitt. Speaking of Mitt, he's our top pick. Things are really coming to a head now for Mitt.

I think it's the stress. I was discussing this with my sister this morning. I think I'm a stress sponge lately. I've been stressing out about everything from genetically modified produce to the Republican primaries to Dr. Seuss Week. Usually I hear stressful things and I either think about them for a minute or I immediately deflect them. Not now. Now I internalize them and allow them to affect my blood pressure and manifest themselves on my own personal face. My chin looks like the handle of the big dipper.

Sorry to be gross. I hope you weren't eating. I will be ladylike again tomorrow.


Marie Says Yes said...

dearest and most darling elise,
that is exactly how -- not just my chin -- but my whole face right now! I blame it on... I don't know. Immaturity? Having a teenager in my home who must be casting some kind of spell to give me her own zits? A lifetime of zits?
Oh, well. Just know your zits are not alone in the universe.

Jenn said...

TeeHee. Politics and zits, my two most favorite things.