Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Great and Powerful Oz

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from a guy, who for privacy purposes we will call The Wizard of Oz (since I've never met him and I'm not entirely sure he really exists), asking if I'd be interested in writing a humor column for a local news website every week.  Since he didn't ask me for my credit card information and the website appeared legitimate I said, "What the hey."  Actually, I wrote something else.  I don't remember what I replied, except that it was almost physically painful for me not to use emoticons in the e-mail.

So...I started writing a "humor" column.  Please note my liberal use of the term "humor."  Being asked to write humorously is a lot of pressure.  It's one thing to write about current events--you just write about stuff that happens and hope that you get your facts straight.  Writing humorously is kind of the opposite.  The facts aren't so much an issue (or they are and I just don't give a crap), but being witty is something that is difficult to do on command.  I feel like I have a guy shooting a gun at my feet and yelling, "DANCE!"  I feel like I was a decent dancer before, but the gun's making me nervous.  Is this simile too complex?


You guys oughta see what I wrote this week.  I'll probably put a link on here when I write for the website, since every week my mom asks me how to find it.  (Just trying to make things easier for you, Mom!)


Tawny said...

I especially loved Todds comment, because seriouslty the Author(ess) is hot!!!
Congratulations, You Rock!

Maggie Hurst said...

Indeed- I dare say you succeeded in being witty on demand. Now for round two- and....GO! I do love your sense of humor. Glad you didn't give them your credit card number though- who knows what they would go to town with on that. :)

And I'm surprised google didn't come up with "why are supreme court justices so hot?"

Anne said...

Hey- can I help it if your article disappears after a couple days? Cut me some slack will ya? LOL

Anne said...

P.S. I loved the article- leave it to the guys to make it into something else.

molleelamb said...

Wow. I know someone famous now. Or, better said, I know you and now other people make you famous? Whatever, congrats on the column and the success of witty-in-demand!

Paxton said...

It's true. It IS hard to find, I was just going to text you tomorrow about it because I couldn't find it on the website today.
What day does your column come out specifically?

p.s. I love emoticons. I use them altogether too much!