Thursday, August 4, 2011

pictures AND 1000 words

Busy week. I feel like life has taken a bite of me and spit me back out, but in a good way. We left Dallas last Thursday and spent the night in lovely Amarillo.

We ate some continental breakfast.

On Saturday my little Chancho turned four, which was weird because his third birthday was only like four months ago.

On Sunday my husband's little brother gave his farewell talk in church. His name is Seth. Don't get him started about why he's only 5'8" and his older brothers are both 6'3". He will be sharing the gospel with the lucky people of Nairobi, Kenya beginning next week. Let's hope he doesn't get malaria. Here are all of my in-laws celebrating his departure:

Tuesday was mine and DJ's eighth anniversary. Besides making gluttons of ourselves over yellow curry and mango sticky rice, DJ had the idea to spend the evening reminiscencing about our missions while sipping sparkling cider, Mormon-style. He's *so* romantic. His sisters say he's read too much Stephenie Meyer.

For those of you who didn't know, DJ and I dated for a while before we both left for our missions. He was in the MTC learning Spanish and preparing to leave for Boston when I got my call to serve in New Hampshire. We wrote to each other every week of our missions (with the exception of one dark period when we didn't write to eachother for a month. DJ says those weeks were the only weeks of his entire mission that he felt any homesickness...*sigh*).

Anyway, every preparation day for two long years I would sprint to our mailbox in anticipation of one of these:

My companions must have hated me. DJ's preparation day was two days after mine--just enough time for my letters to get to him so that he could write me back.

And BOY--were my letters HILARIOUS! Even back then I (thought I) was funny! I bet you didn't know this, but I'm also an artist. Here's Sister Freitas and me getting mugged in the ghetto:

Note our purses on the ground. I loomed over Sister Freitas by at least twelve inches. We were a sight to behold. I think our mission president paired us up because of how ridiculous we looked standing next to eachother. We never did get mugged, which is a bummer. What a funny story that would've made.

On Wednesday DJ and I took the children to Sand Hollow for a dip:

These eight years have been good to us, I'd say.

Now it's Thursday again. DJ has left for Colorado for the next month. I finally unpacked our suitcases and washed our laundry. And found the two-month-old sippy cup of milk in the toy box.  Let's hope next week is just as awesome.
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Naomi Mae said...

1: you look great in a swimsuit
2: I miss your guts and the guts of your children
3: happy 8th anniversary.... Pretty cool milestone!
4: you probably were pretty hilarious considering how much I laugh... Er love your writing today! Who wouldn't want to marry you after 2 years of reading your stuff! (p.s. I'll let you know when you and in hit the 2 yr mark)
5: I must think I'm funny at 2am, because I'm giggling now.
6: glad you are home and having fun
7: have I mentioned the thing about the guts and the missing them yet?
8: hum.... Nope that's it for now! Good night!

Tawny said...

Next week WILL BE just as great, because I am coming to visit!!
Hopefully before real-life (work) Hits again on Thursday!!

Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

You should bury your sorrow for your absent husband by coming to Logan.

Also, your swimsuit is really cute.

That is all.

Shorter family said...

Congrats Sister Abe and Elder Boston on 8 happy years of marriage! I feel honored to have made an appearance in this post! The portrait of my is uncanny! I had a random memory of the miss the other day. You and I sitting on the stairs outside the hospital drinking Slurpees (probably wearing our matching khaki and white ensembles!)
(Probably near death because of the heat) (probably about to be mugged or hit on)!
P.s. How did you get those pictures of you guys at the end to look so cool?
da da ding ding ding ding ding ding ding (that was supposed to be a ukulele)!
-Sister Freitas

Jenn said...

Happy anniversary!

So what are you, me and Tawny going to do in the next three days before she starts school. Do you want to come swimming?

I am so exhausted from Wyoming that I have taken three naps already today and it is only 1:40pm. I need you to wake me up!

Marie Says Yes said...

oh, elise. i'm so glad you are my internet friend that i have met at costco and plan on being lifelong buddies with!
YOU'RE BACK!!! YAY!!! you were at sand hollow on wednesday? 'cause i was on tuesday. what. the. heck. but then i would have seen how cute you are in a swimsuit while i'm still cozy with these fifteen pounds of late night snacking, and our friendship would have been over because sometimes i forget to be happy for other peoples awesomeness.
i am happy for your loveliness.
YOU WROTE ON YOUR MISSION? you guys are so cute. this will take many stories to satisfy me.
love, marie.

Cathy's Blog said...

Although I don't see you that much I am glad you are back!! I have to say I love your blog and look forward to reading it!! Sorry DJ is gone but glad you had a great anniversary...Happy anniversary late by the way!! Bill and I celebrated our 32nd on the 28th of July. I cant believe Chancho is 4 already!! My how time flies!! I didn't know he was Jaxton's age...WOW!! I also think you look great in your swimsuit and the suit is way cute. I wish I looked that good!! Your a brat for being able to eat cookies late at night and still look that good!! I am a big fatty but am currently on a diet and have lost a whole 6 lbs. I have like 30 more to go!! UGG!