Monday, August 29, 2011


Things are weird these days. DJ is still in Colorado. He'll probably be there for another couple of weeks. (Dear Potential Prowlers or Rapists, I sleep with a shotgun, my cell phone, and a really heavy flashlight. Plus, I have disarmingly potent salsa breath. Think again. Sincerely, Elise)

On the bright side, this weekend I found 22 Babysitter's Club books in MINT CONDITION at a yard sale. When I was nine I wanted to be Claudia Kishi. I wanted it all: the rad clothes, the junk food stashed around the bedroom, the Japanese heritage. To this day I dream of being Asian. I'm excited to share this important part of my childhood with my daughters.

We've been eating a lot of salsa these days.

I got this recipe from my sister-in-law, who got the recipe from my husband's cousin, Blake. It is delectable. This salsa has RUINED ME for every other salsa. I wake up thinking about it. Tess loves it, too. I give her a little bowl with a little pile of tortilla chips. She dips her chip, licks it off, her eyes water, she goes "aaaaah!" and then repeats the process. With the same chip.

And finally, lest you think I only take pictures of inanimate objects:

This is Tess's first taste of I Can't Believe They're Not Chicharrones (my in-laws got these from the Latin grocery store and brought them to a family function). She used the same technique with the fake chicharrones as she uses with the salsa. I'm thinking Tess inherited a little something from her Mexican great-grandma.
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Cathy's Blog said...

Can you say Salsaaah!! I love to say Salsaaah!! Melissa makes a mean salsa and I am addicted to it!! I would eat it all day if I could!!

Cathy's Blog said...

Oh and by the way I started another blog just to enhance my writing skills and only have invited a select few to critique me and give me pointers and you and Meegan are invited. I also invited Sheereen Stephen since you all are so fabulous at writing. I do need to say that all my writing will be in APA style so it might be kinda boring.

Tawny said...

So jealous of your "FIND". I had like so many of those books, but when I moved to college i told my folks to get rid of them (sad face). Although I am not sure Coop and Jacks would think they were as cool as i did!!!

Tess' face is AWESOME.
Have a great week!

Naomi Mae said...

Awesome! I was addicted to the Saddle Club! I also really liked the Bobbsey twins, of which I found 8 books the other day! Too bad they're like $15 buck a piece! :-P

P.S. I wish I was Asian too. Super jealous of my SIL who's Korean!

P.P.S. Tess is adorable! I miss your kids. I can't believe I was so close and the lure of being done driving for 12 hours a day was too much to come visit :-P next time he doesn't have a choice!

Inspired Kathy said...

Salsa recipe please :) I didn't see it posted - Did I miss it?