Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ohhh say can you see...

This year for the fourth of July we visited my husband's aunt Val and Uncle Greg who live just outside of Houston. There was satellite television IN OUR BEDROOM...

Play Doh...

Ice fishing tales...
Craft-making with Aunt Val...

Barbecued meat of every imaginable variety...
A slip and slide and one totally awesome dog which (heads up, Val) I am planning to dognap...

...and Baba Syrup. What is Baba Syrup, you ask? It is only the most mouth-watering, sinfully delicious waffle/pancake topping to exist in the history of the pancake-topping universe. And Val gave *me* her recipe. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!

(catching breath)

No, really. It's wonderful stuff. The only way to do justice to the marvel that is Baba Syrup is to write poetry about it.


"Baba Syrup"
by Elise Haynes

So sweet and so sticky
(not that I'm being picky),
you're my new favorite condiment.

Pour you on rotten feet
And they'd taste like a treat,
I wouldn't give you up, even for Lent.

Not that I am a Catholic,
you just taste SO fantastic,
And nothing else rhymes with condiment.

[end of poetry]

I'm grateful to live in a country where our citizens are free to move to Canada for twenty years, collect delicious recipes from their Ukrainian neighbors, then move to Texas where they are free to wear a gun on their hip and share their recipes, but not to light a firework because that would be a class B misdemeanor.

Cue "The Star Spangled Banner."

(Thanks again for an awesome weekend, Val and Greg! You spoiled us rotten.)
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Val Payne said...

Now that I can actually comment on your blog, it's funny it's about me....... I'm so glad that you guys came for a visit, we had a blast with your family, you crack me up!!!!!! Baba syrup is the BEST!!!! all my little Canadian friends are happy to know that baba syrup has taken off here in Texas!!! the only question I have is....... when are y'all coming back???????
p.s. I Love your blog!

Naomi Mae said...

Love all the pictures! And the crafting! And now I am wanting to try Baba Syrup! Is it from the Ukraine? I've got a friend from there, I'll have to ask him about it!
It just didn't quite feel like the 4th without fireworks... But at least there was family!
Happy Summer-ing :-)