Thursday, July 21, 2011

orange cream slurpee wisdom

Ladies and gentlemen, I present...NIRVANA:

And you thought it was unachievable! It turns out that when you're two, reaching nirvana is as easy as stubbing your toe or using your phone's entire data plan in two weeks--so easy, any doof nut can do it on accident. All it takes is a sippy cup, a wubbie, and an overpriced Elmo doll that Aunt Val bought at Barnes and Noble. Look at that happiness!

Today as I sat next to the swimming pool, sipping my orange cream slurpee, working on my suntan, I thought a lot about happiness. Is happiness sitting by the pool for hours on end developing melanoma? I don't think so. It's not rollercoasters, green smoothies, zebra heinies, baseball games, road trips, Facebook, or baba syrup. What brings me lasting happiness? Anything that can be mine for eternity--my family, my soul.

Eternity is such a weird word. I think a lot of times I say that word like it's some mystical time that will begin after I die. As in, "I want to spend eternity with my family in heaven," and things like that. I like my family. Shoot, I LOVE them. I think I'm ready for eternity to start now. Let's DO this thing.

So if my eternal family, my eternal marriage, and my eternal soul are starting today, what should I do differently? How should I spend my time? How should I treat these people with whom I am taking this, the ETERNAL road trip?

It seems to me I could put my life to better use. I could treat my husband more like I love him and less like my manservant. I could treat my children less like a burden and more like a blessing. I could improve my time rather than just spend my time. I could treat my mind more like a garden and less like a Dumpster. I could practice the piano. I could laugh more and yell less. And I would still eat baba syrup, because I'm counting on the resurrection being totally awesome in terms of my hips.

All of this wisdom from ONE orange cream slurpee.
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Hurst Family said...

SO where does one acquire an orange cream slurpee of wisdom?

Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

I HEAR THIS POST. Except, I need to remind myself that my husband ISN'T out to get me and that my children aren't TRYING to drive me insane. Stupid hormones are making me crazy.

Then again, maybe if I treated my body more like a temple and less like a tent (and stopped shoving a ton of garbage into it), I wouldn't be so...unpredictable. Yeah. That's the word I'm looking for...

MumofElderLarson said...

Hi Elise
You don't know me but I loved this blog. I check your stuff off and on since I wrote to your mom last year and she hooked me to her blog and I just went from there. I lived with your parents and Mary in SLC and you and I have the same name. :) I have some of the greatest memories from them and You look just like her. What a great family you have. It is entertaining to read this.
Thanks.. if you hear from them tell your aunts Elise said hi :)

Jenn said...

Today I say Lyla find nirvana in a candy necklace. Ahhh, the simplicity of youth. I must not be a youth any more. Can I pretend?

Naomi Mae said...

This is the best post ever! Especially since I realized this myselfnthe other day. Jordan had a customer that said "we would not get so mad at kids if we just listened to them" and most times I find that it's true because I want to do what I'm doing and not get interrupted. Then I have to remind myself that in 2 months I won't care if I didn't have a moment to myself as much as I would care that I ignore my kids on a regular basis. Eternity DOES start now! Why wait till we die to live like we're in heaven?