Wednesday, July 13, 2011

narrowly escaping death

I've eaten nothing but curly fries and onion rings today. No, really.
I'm sunburned.
My throat is raw from screaming.
My feet feel like they ran a marathon. In flip flops.
I might have a concussion.

...but it was SO worth it. There are few things in this world that I love more than a rollercoaster.

But Six Flags is about so much more than rollercoasters. It's about walking really quickly past the giant stuffed animal-peddling carnies. It's about embarrassing the crap out of your nieces by forcing them to pose for pictures in front of EVERYTHING. It's about paying $4.99 for 32 ounces of Powerade. It's about realizing that you're finally a mature adult because the concession prices disgust you. It's about buying the Powerade anyway because your only other option is death.
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Julie said...

I always thought you might be a Super Hero. Now I have no doubts.

Tawny said...

Looks like so much fun!! Did you take your children?? If not.. you are my hero!!

Hurst Family said...

Ah Six Flags. I have lovely memories of the one in Valencia CA. I was in 8th grade and threw up on Riddler in front of everyone. Worst part--it wouldn't come off with the buckets of water they had- so they just ran it through without anyone on it to fling it off. Yucko to the max! Having said that- I still miss the coasters. Haven't been on one in years. Looks like I know what we'll be doing next summer :) Glad you had fun embarrassing nieces- what else are good aunts for? (PS in case you're wondering Julie is my madre :)

Elise said...

Tawny--no, we left our shorter kidlets with my pregnant little sister. I felt kinda guilty. Not guilty enough, obviously. It was a BLAST.

Maggie--what an AWESOME Six Flags story! I had that little nagging fear all day yesterday--"is *this* the ride on which I'm going to hurl my partially digested curly fries???" And I figured out that that was your mom. I'm so smart, I can't stand it.

Snowfire said...

Worst Robin EVAR!

Meegan is jelly btw

Meegan Alfred said...

Jelly? I feel vaguely insulted.

Again, I wish I were/was in Texas. It looks like fun.

Six Flags sounds a lot like Lagoon, at least as far as the carnies go. But without them, I wouldn't have a cool plush fuschia pencil, which is--of course--now a necessity.

Naomi Mae said...

Looks like fun! I bought nice reef flip flops because I needed better "theme park enjoying" shoes when I lived in Orlando ;-)

P.S. Someday your nieces will be glad you posed them in front of everything!