Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Info Dump


Popsicles. Sunburn. Fresh fruit that isn't apples or oranges, like cantaloupe. Drinking from the hose. Spraying your sister with the hose. Spraying the hose into the house. Your mom yelling at you for spraying the hose into the house. Never having to wear footwear, but if you must, let it be one oversized sock pulled all the way up to your knee (Tess). Reading books on the lawn. The yummy smell of warm, wet concrete. (Why does warm, wet concrete smell so wonderful?!) Summmmmmmer....


Is it really a day of rest? Since DJ's been in Dallas for the last three or so weeks, I've developed a new respect for single parents who attend Sacrament meeting with their children. For our family, it's kind of a three-ring circus act. In one ring you have Macey and Olivia elbowing each other, coloring, and talking to their friend Megan in the pew behind us. In the next ring you have Chancho asking in his outside (outside and on a rollercoaster) voice if I will make a paper airplane for him while simultaneously stealing Tess's Cheerios and spilling the crayons everywhere. In our final ring we have Tess, who wants to be held only as long as I allow her to repeatedly bang her cabeza into my clavicle. If she is not being held, her activities of choice include ripping pages from the hymnal and yelling nonsense words.
This performance goes on for an hour and ten minutes and is followed by two hours of me entertaining six Sunbeams one-woman-band-style.
That's a lot of numbers and what they all add up to is obviously the church is true. Why else would a sane person do that to herself every Sunday?


I'm moving there in approximately eleven days. A few things I'm looking forward to about Dallas: 1. DJ, 2. Chipotle, 3. Chick Fil A, 4. Six Flags, 5. Sleeping in, 6. Maybe seeing a tornado.


She graduated from Kindergarten on Tuesday. Olivia inherited my charming propensity to look perturbed when she's nervous in social situations. She's so, so shy. On one hand it's sweet (especially because she's generally very quiet) and on the other hand I remember middle school all too well. Anyway, here's a clip of her doing her speaking part. I used my new fandangled phone to shoot this video. Obviously the phone is winning.

She inherited my shyness but not my fear of falling off of stuff:
And she has a little Rapunzel thing going on:

Finally, Tess

She's going through a running away phase. If the door opens she's off like a rocket and I have to pull her out of our neighbors' trees. I'm trying not to let it hurt my feelings.


Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

I love the Tangled shots! Your kids are so cute!

The Paxton Family said...

Hahahahahahaha that is me laughing at the fact thT you snapped a picture of Tess running away before you ran to grab her :-) something I definitely do all the time!
Church without Jordan is generally more quiet for us because Jordan doesn't like the kids to havecheerios OR color! (gasp, I know right? He totally did not grow up Mormon!)
LOVE the tangled picture too! Mak gets really upset when I talk about cutting her hair because she doesn't want it to turn brown like rapunzels!

The Paxton Family said...

Oh and you will love Dallas! I Need to do a dallas post on my blog soon for you! I found a couple great websites for you!

Tawny said...

so even though i NEVER see you (except random run-ins at Lins) I am still a little desolate that you will be in TEXAS all summer! Will you be here the 14. we Are partying with Cake and balls to celebrates jacks 1st. Plus I will be going to the salon to chemically treat and professionally trim my hair that day.

P.S. I hope you DON"T see a tornado!! although it would heighten the Rapunzel-type-wind-blowingness-effect on Livvy's hair:)

Marie Says Yes said...

that is it. i'm calling you. you are calling me. this is happening, man.

Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

I just noticed Tess is wearing the one sock, way too big, pulled up super high. THAT. IS. AWESOME.

Cathy's Blog said...

I will never forget sitting in Sacrament meeting with Meegan and Monna (when they were little) and as they passed the sacrament to us one of them, cant remember which, grabbed a handful of bread and wouldn't let go. I was laughing my head off, reverently of course! Your parents were there so I wasn't alone with them like you have to when you go to church these days. Your story sparked that memory and so I just had to share. Oh and Meegan stole my Bonnie Bell lip gloss out of my room and squished it all over the place!! Was it Tess who ate yours?

Cathy's Blog said...

Oh yeah and Carita had the run away move down well!! Do you remember her taking off when she was around 2 and ended up at a lady's house a block away while I was babysitting 9 months pregnant??? BRAT!!!