Friday, May 27, 2011

Atrocities Committed Against the American People

We (the kids, my sister Marianne, and I) committed our first obligatory act of tourism yesterday. We drove to downtown Dallas and viewed the John F. Kennedy Memorial.

It was interesting, hot, and kinda sad, all at the same time. In the picture with my sister you'll notice the grassy knoll and the section of highway where President Kennedy was killed. What you CAN'T see in either picture was the fast-talking street hustler who wanted us to pay him for his unsolicited five minute tour of the area, most of which I didn't understand since my ebonics is sorta rusty. I've decided that downtown Dallas is an area where atrocities must always be committed against the American people--from Lee Harvey Oswald, to street hustlers, to having to pay $10 to park in a crowded lot for one hour.

In other news, I am writing from this fandangled phone that DJ bought for me. I'm typing with my giant hot dog fingers on this tiny little touch screen. (Is this what giants feel like every day?! It's terrible. Let's make our world more giant-friendly.) Cross your fingers, I'm about to hit "publish."
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Naomi Mae said...

I am stuck blogging with my phone too! But I like my phone, so no hot dog giant here. And you have more vienna sausage fingers, than giant fingers really ;-)

P.S. When we saw the "grassy knoll" I kind of expected more, you know? LIKE "here lies the pretty grassy knoll" but instead it was more the "dirty knoll that is supposed to have grass but too many tourists walk on it"

Also, ride the free trolleys. It's fun. And find the tallest building, because you can take the elevator to the top and hang out in a garden looking down on the city from very high up. :-)

Miss your guts. And the guts of your children.

Tawny said...

You are so very tech savvy and Suave..
Ran my first 5k, wish you were there. I will blog about it later this week, once my anger has dimmed from the large bonfire that is currently engulfing my Happy Place!!! AHHH

But hey, the grassy knoll huh. I have never been to Texas, probably never will either...

Yeah I am crabby and never should have started this comment, but now I have so much invested in it I can't just walk away!!!
walk...away WALK.....AWAAAAAAY!