Monday, May 2, 2011

Amazing Technicolor Dreamcake

For her birthday Macey requested "a yellow cake with pink frosting and horses on top." Forgive the momentary breach in humility, but...
I'm pretty sure I nailed it. (And if any of you are even considering sending this picture to Cake Wrecks, remember two things: I am not a professional and please include my URL. Carry on.)

Horses? Check. Fluorescent pink frosting? Check. Yellow inside? Check again. I am so awesome, I can't stand it. Or that's the giant bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream talking. Something must be causing these humility breaches.

I love the following picture for so many reasons. One, Macey looks like she really takes this birthday wish thing seriously. Two, my aunt Mary. She's the blonde gal sitting behind Macey. Look at that smile. Ever since I was a kid I've been told that I look like my aunt Mary. Whether or not I look like her, I hope that I act like her. She's pretty much always happy, no matter what. I need to be more like that.
[Insert segue here.]

You know what I've really been enjoying lately (I mean, besides peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes)? Running on the treadmill. My friend Jenn, the person who is basically the genesis for all of my good ideas (hi, Jenn!), gave me the idea to prop our travel DVD player on top of the treadmill while I run.

Let me tell you, this has revolutionized my running. Sometimes, I still have to plug my iPod into one of my ears, though. I like to triple-task. Run, watch movies, listen to music. If I could work in eating a chocolate cupcake it would be the ultimate recreational activity. (This reminds me of someone.)


The Paxton Family said...

First, LOVE the cake! Mak is still mad at me because I didn't make her a starlite cake (that's rainbow brites horse)
Second love your bracelet AND your happy aunt Mary (I think you are pretty happy a LOT btw)
Thirdly I love LIz Lemon

In short I love your post :-)

Cathy's Blog said...

Good job on the cake!!!

Marie Says Yes said...

elise, let's talk about this cake.

it is not fair to me that you have such adorable cake-making skills. please consider this next time you want to make something awesome for your children: "would having and using this skill be fair to marie?"

happy bday to little adorable macey.

Tawny said...

Happy B-day MACEY.
I love your awesome cake and hope you had a super fun time.

Jenn said...

Happy Birthdya Macey!!! We need to see you and wish you a Happy Birthday in person before you leave us for the summer.

Great Cake...I love when children's cake requests are simple (albeit weird sometimes) just imagine if she had asked for a horse sculture cake, with turqiouse icing and purple and pink braided mane and tail!! That's what I want for my next birthday.

P.S. I'm flattered.