Friday, August 31, 2012

Let's try this again...

I hope the video works this time. Cross your fingers, friends.

P.S. You want to know who is the world's luckiest sonofagun? My husband. He decided to walk down the river a ways the day after the boat incident and what do you think he found in tree snag downriver? His backpack. When he called me he had all of his money laid out on the counter to dry. That guy and his crazy good luck, huh?
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Paxton said...

What a crazy trip! So glad everything worked out, and even better that he found his back pack! Seriously! That guy has someone looking out for him for sure! ...his guardian angel is probably afraid of facing you in the afterlife and being all "oops, I was in line for a midnight premier, my bad" or something.
Miss your face!

Jenn said...

Seriously, wow. What lessons are to be learned? Because if Heavenly Father didn't want him to leave this earth right now, why did the Boat get caught and put DJ in that position in the first place. Major lessons to be learned, and not always the ones we think at first. I can see you are already being taught...and by sharing I learn too.

I like DJ...and I like you, I am glad you are both still here, hearing The Princess Bride too? ("'s what BWINGS us here....)

Love you both.

Cathy's Blog said...

Holy cow!! I am so glad you got the phone call you did and not the one you could have gotten!! Heavenly Father was looking out for your family that night and I am so glad!!! It makes me appreciate the "little" misfortunes that I have recently gone through!