Sunday, August 5, 2012

On Washingtons - the State and the George

It is 90 degrees in Seattle today. You see? Prayer does work! It feels like St. April.

It's been an abnormally warm weekend. Naturally, I took the little people for a swim.

Chancho found a pack of hooligans to run around with:

Don't ask me why, but we've always called this George Washington hair:

To me it looks more like Whig hair. Or maybe Louis the 16th hair. But not George Washington.
See? Not even close.

Summer is drawing to a close, unfortunately. It has been difficult to come to terms with the end of summer this year, especially since it only recently warmed up here. Also because Olivia's hair didn't turn green this year. How am I supposed to know when autumn is nigh if Olivia's hair doesn't change color? Her hair does stand on end, so that's something:

Our time in Washington is almost over - we fly home in one week. I am going to make our last week in Washington amazing. I will take pictures and I will write about it, of that you can be certain. Until next time!


Tawny said...

Mm hmm. One week

Mm hmm. No Green hair. Whig hair. :)

Mm hmm. I already envy the end of your summer.

Make it count girl!!

Marie Says Yes said...

I just can't wait for you to come home in case we one day run into each other again at Costco.
Just keepin' the dream alive!

Maggie Hurst said...

We called it Martha Washington hair but you had to say it with a British Accent "Martha WAAAAAshing-ton" Dunno why.

I'm so grateful you make the most out of life- where ever you are- Florida/Washington/Utah/Texas. You rock. And may the trip home be full of awesome characters- I love people watching in airports. Happy trails to you.

Elise said...

MARTHA Washington! That makes much more sense!

Jenn said...

I had to read for a 1/2 hour to catch up...bad me.

Oh the adventures!

Thank you for coming home soon.we miss you.