Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bringing home the aluminum!

Remember how I promised to write about our last week in Seattle? Here's me making good on my promise.

After church last Sunday I sent DJ and the kids blackberry picking so that I could accidentally fall asleep while reading 99 cent books on my Kindle. When will I learn, I ask you?! When?! Here are their pickings:

Their eyes are bigger than my stomach.

And so I made jam.

Did you catch that?

I made JAM!

Elise, who can barely remember to remove the plastic wrapping from her frozen Digiorno, made JAM.

It was glorious.

At least I think so. I didn't actually taste it before I left it up in Seattle. For all I know it's total crap. I even gave a jar to my friend without tasting it. I am either wildly confident or stupid. Maybe both.

Sometime after the jam project we drove up to Deception Pass and from thence onto Whidbey Island.

We got to the bridge just as a beautifully scenic fog rolled over the top of it and I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest all over again...

...and DJ bench pressed the bridge.

The day before we flew home our friends invited us over for homemade sushi and a badminton tournament - a winning combination! We divided into four teams and therefore only three teams received a medal and got to sing "O Canada" with their hands over their hearts. Let's play Spot the Canadian:

Why isn't there a medal for fourth place? There should be. I'm inventing one right now and it's aluminum. Filled with chocolate.

Monday morning we woke up really early and hopped a plane to Las Vegas.

We said goodbye to Mount Rainier, the trees, the cool temperatures, and DJ.

But there was no time for mourning. Have you ever been in an airport with four children, three 50 pound suitcases, a carseat, three kid-sized carry-ons, and a purse loaded with granola bars? In Las Vegas?

People stare at you.

It is the Olympics of motherhood. And I got the aluminum medal.
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Jenn said...

that's right! And you deserve every morsel of divine chocolate in that aluminum. Go Moms! Do we have an anthem?

There is my challenge to you, because my brain is not working at this hour. Or else maybe I would try to come up with some witty and humorous anthem for us Moms.

Welcome Home! Try not to die of heat stroke.

Paxton said...

I wish we could have been in Washington together :-( you can still move there just to be close to me? No? Fine, someday I'll see you again in the flesh. In the meantime we'll just stay in touch via blogging. ;-)
Miss your guts! Glad you got to enjoy Seattle a little more at the end