Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm going to the nut shop...

How many days until summer vacation? I'm beginning the countdown to summer 2013. I think it's somewhere in the range of 270 days. That's a whole lot of links in my paper chain. I'm going to need a lot of construction paper.

I had forgotten how much work real life can be. I've spent the last few months living the lifestyle of a sloppily dressed heiress who hasn't been granted access to her enormous trust fund - lounging by the pool, ignoring the housework, fretting over the color of my toe nails. It has been peachy.

And then Washington County School District had to come along and ruin it all.

It has been a busy week. We had two First Day of Schools:

We hosted two birthday parties:

We had a few haircuts by my cute sister Mianne:

Between the immunizations, the mopping, the bill paying, the taking of meals to baby-havers, the scrubbing of the hard water stains out of the toilet bowl with a pumice stone, the grocery shopping, and et cetera, I've come to this conclusion: Real life is for the birds.

I'm going to the nut shop where it's fun.
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Marie Says Yes said...

Elise... YOU'RE HOOOOMMMMMEEEE! Yay. I'm glad to be in the same state as my friend Elise once more.
School is the WORST. There's no getting around it... buy your kids looked so cute on their first day(s)! Your offspring are so BLOND. I was once a very blond child, as well. Sadly, my husband and his DNA have diluted my childrens hair color, and while lovely... not that platinum that yours enjoy.
Forget the chores. Sit down and write more on your blog.
P.S. I love your plan for Livi and Chanco. Let's make this happen through years of wishful thinking. And... go!

Anne said...

Where'd you find the pumice stone??? I had fun crashing all the 1st day of school parties!
BTW - I am NEVER going over to Sheree's AGAIN. Just FYI.