Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up. Or, My Week Wrapped Up in Tin Foil Like a Good Burrito.

(Because only good burritos are wrapped in foil, and this was a good week.)

It's been another fun-filled week here in the Emerald City. Here are the headlines:

We discovered this scary dude hanging out under an underpass downtown-ish. I nicknamed him Slugbug, but I think most people call him the Fremont Troll or something.

He's super creepy, looming under the bridge and glaring out at the tourists with his one hubcap eye and a Volkswagen in his giant claw. My children adored him, naturally. They have a special place in their hearts for trolls. They are being raised by one. Ha ha ha ha....


I decided to rekindle my romance with barefoot running this week. Barefoot running is not something you jump back into after spending a month in your Sauconys, I'll tell you what. The landing can be quite painful. And the recovery? Let's just say that SIX DAYS later I can finally walk without limping. I'm gonna give it another go tomorrow. I'm hoping for a speedier recovery this time around, because I feel turbo fast without my running shoes dragging me down. (Hey Audrey. If you're reading this, I seriously miss my running buddy/free therapist. Move to Seattle?)

Also this week...THE SUN CAME OUT! So we had some pool time.

And some lake time.

I just adore that life-giving celestial orb we call the sun.

In case you couldn't tell.

Who can guess what inspired this week's toenail polish?

I have a special place in my heart for that sparkling shade of blue. Its special place is right next door to the special place in my heart for Arrested Development and Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys. It's kind of a tacky neighborhood.

That concludes my weekly wrap-up. Tune in next time for the tale of my Annual Infection Which Requires Pricey Antibiotics. Spoiler alert: My EYES didn't swell up this time.
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Paxton said...

Love the toes! Love the sun! Seriously, even though you could bake an egg on the sidewalk right now it is one of my favorite things to see!
...and it's totally true that the best burritos are wrapped in foil... hmmm maybe I should start doing that for dinner so my family will THINK they taste better ;-)

Paxton said...

Also, thanks for still reading my blog. and making fun of me for being so behind... ahem... ahead :-)

Anonymous said...

The troll. Ah good times.

Marie Says Yes said...


Seriously, Elise. I think we might be soul mates. Soul buddies? Whichever.

Marie Says Yes said...

Two words: Never Nude.

...Sigh of happiness.