Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bwoop! Bwoop! Bwoop! Vampire sighting!

With three daughters, I need to come to terms with the amount of shampoo and conditioner we use every week or I will go crazy.

Speaking of coming to terms with things, I think I've finally accepted the fact that we aren't spending the summer on the beaches of Florida. I think. After spending most of yesterday face down on my couch crying, this morning I picked myself up, kicked myself in the butt (which is truly a feat - have you tried it? Definitely worth the effort if you find yourself amidst a pity party of such magnitude), and faced this reality:

Seattle is cold and dismal.

That's that.

Moving on.

Over the weekend we drove out to the Olympic Peninsula. But first we had to take a ferry across the Puget Sound:

Do you like my kids' blankies? Did I mention how I packed for Florida weather and therefore we only have flip flops and shorts and it's been like 58 degrees and rainy every day? And none of the stores here sell coats or sweaters despite the weather. Yeeeaaaah...

(Pardon me while I kick my own butt.)

Where was I? Olympic Peninsula. Gotcha.

We pilgrimaged to Forks. (I'm inventing words today.) I'm embarrassed to display this picture, but my mother, who claims to love me, beat me to the punch on Facebook.

The thing about Forks is that no actual vampires live there, just a bunch of loggers and then the lady working at the Chevron. So when you pull up in your rental van and pose next to the "Welcome to Forks!" sign, they know EXACTLY what you're doing. And you will feel judged. And you will feel ridiculous. But somehow you will still laugh riotously the entire time because it's just SO FUN - vampires and werewolves and the whole kitschy, silly, teenie bopper thing.

Naturally we had to visit the beach at La Push. You know what stupid Bella Swan never mentions in those books? How there's like a mile-long hike through the rain forest to get to the beach.

Not that I'm complaining, because this is where we had our first vampire sighting:

"I'm a killer, Bella!"

And the beach at La Push is spectacular.

Once you tell your kids to pose like a vampire they will be in permanent vampire mode so you might as well join in the fun.

I can't forget to mention our banana slug sighting:

Did you know that the banana slug is the mascot of U.C. Santa Cruz? From what I hear, their football opponents arm themselves with nothing but salt shakers.


I'll be here all week, folks.
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Paxton said...

hahaha, Looks like fun! I actually never made it out to Forks DESPITE living there when it was still "cool" to like Twilight ie pre-movie. But then again, they didin't even film the movies in Forks! What a gip!

By the way, I was telling Jordan about your Seattle story and he laughed. It is SO true that Seattle-ites pretend there is no bad weather so they walk around in shorts and flip flops... and a fleece. If you see someone with an umbrella, they are not from Seattle ;-)

Also I need your address, because even though I can't take you to my favorite thrift stores there, I CAN send you something warm and cozy made of yarn ;-)

Marie Says Yes said...

Elise, you KNOW i would have posed in front of the Forks sign with you.


Kacy Faulconer said...

Your little towhead kids are adorable.

Sarah said...

Having seen banana slugs, and screamed, in real life, I'd like to voice that the picture there does not do them justice. That slug there looks like he could be a relatively normal-sized slug trying to impersonate a banana slug. He does not look like a ginormous slug big enough to... you'll have to finish that sentence for me with your banana slug-size sense of humor :).