Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the ABC gum wall

There will be no poetry today. I promise.

There will be something gross, though.

I felt that I owed Tess a good time since her birthday party consisted of a cupcake on an airplane full of strangers. Say what you will about me - my toes are misshapen, I talk about myself too much, I look just like Michelle Pfeiffer (I can handle the truth) - but you can't say that I don't know how to show a three-year-old a good time.

Especially a three-year-old who really loves ABC gum.

We visited downtown Seattle today in search of something called the gum wall. It's basically a WALL that people put their GUM on. And now it's a thing.

So, the gum wall:

I hate to admit this, but once you get past the clouds and the miserable weather Seattle is a cool city. Danged Seattle.

I should mention that I got gum on my flip flop today.

After the gum wall we wandered through Pike Place Market and bought the most juicy, dripping, sweet, magnificent white peaches I've ever eaten. About thirty people asked me if "all of those little towheads" are mine. My response? "They better be or I've been yelling at someone else's kids for the last eight years!" Ha ha ha ha...[walk away awkwardly]

After the market we tried to find the freeway. This is always the most exciting part of our adventures downtown because Seattle moves its freeway onramps around periodically. My method for finding the freeway? Circle around the city until the freeway comes to me. We always end up seeing culture this way - Chinatown, ten foot tall twin popsicle sculpture, transvestites - culture! Today we happened upon this little guy:

And then we found the freeway, so...success!
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Tawny said...

So fun, all your chances to explore. And the abc wall, so gross! Did Tess try to sample?

Paxton said...

I've been to that wall... I hate it and it gives me the willies. That's all.
I always wonder why people ask "are all those kids yours" if there's not more than 10... Calm down people! It's not weird to have more than 1 and unless you are worried that they've been kidnapped... Why ask? Really?
Maybe it's just a saying and I'm over analyzing :-) ...maybe...