Monday, April 11, 2011

Ketchup Time

The strangest thing happened. I was kissing my boyfriend when all of a sudden I sucked the life out of him, he died, and I hitchhiked to northern Alberta. One thing led to another and found myself attending a special school where Jean-Luc Picard was the principal. No, wait...

That's what happened on Netflix last night.

I'm trying to account for the past two weeks and I got nuttin'.

I know we did this in between sessions of General Conference:

Macey did this:And then Tess did this:Which led to this:A week later, we went to the temple to see my beautiful sister and brother-in-law, Mariank, get sealed for time and eternity and beyond. Then, we did this:
and this:
and this:
This is my wonderful mother surrounded by her children-in-law: one Italian, one Chilean, one mason, one historian, one salesman, and one dietitian (and one Jason Bourneian, not pictured). Quite the motley crew she's inherited. Don't worry, Mom. It could be worse. We could have married the Motley Crue:
Yikes. This is almost as scary as the dream I had last night wherein I was grocery shopping and this polygamist boy was following me around, flirting with me. I was like, "Give it up, man!" and then I looked down and I was wearing one of those homespun, pioneer-style dresses and my hair was in an intricately-woven braid. I woke up before I could check to see if I was wearing tennis shoes...

...which brings us to the present. I just got a text message from DJ, who left for Dallas yesterday morning. It says, "We made it! Got here at 4 TX time and I'm linning up housing now. Beautiful place. Kiss the kids for me! Love you." I texted him back without mentioning anything about how he misspelled the word lining. I'm feeling rather magnanimous this morning.

I think my benevolent mood can be associated with my excitement about moving to this lovely place in six weeks:

Happy Monday, one and all!


The Paxton Family said...

Pretty awesome "stuff" you've been accomplishing! And you are pretty photogenic yourself little miss!
Although I AM a little bummed you are diving to Dallas and not to Charleston... I guess I will forgive you and tell you it's pretty exciting and I loved Dallas and don't forget to look for the matel/barbie factory somewhere around there! If it helps it's near a uhaul? ;-)
Miss your guts lady! And your awesomely cool kids! Mak asked to go play with DJ because she was tired of the kids here, HA!

Jessica said...

You are a maniac with all this moving! I do appreciate it, I still think yours is one of my favorite blogs to look at, definitely the most entertaining! Especially with all your traveling!

Cathy's Blog said...

I hope you enjoy your summer and I am glad that you will have a couple of your sisters and their families with you!!! We need to get together before you leave!! :)Keep blogging cause I really enjoy your comments!!!

Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

If we're THE Motley Crue, I call dibs on being the dude (????) on the far left. I envy his flat tumny and slim thighs, not to mention I'm pretty surd I had that 'do at one point...or at least, I tried to.

I'm glad DJ got there safely...I wish I were in SGU to give you some "Elise" time, from time to time...