Sunday, April 24, 2011



Elise said...

Yes, I DO wear that blue dress a lot. So? It's stretchy.


The Paxton Family said...

I love your hair in that picture with Tess! And I LOVE the candy crazies! No really, is that weird? Kids on a sugar high CRACK ME UP! Last Halloween Oscar had his first brush with sugar via lollipop and he crawled around laughing for 20 min! Then just laid down on his back not moving except to raise the lollipop to his mouth every once in a while! We still laugh about that!
Glad you had a fun and candy filled Easter!

Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

You matched your photoediting (sp?) color to your blog. You suck.

Your kids, however, are muy cute.

I wish I was there...

Heather said...

Hi Elise,

We just started a new blog: where we post funny pictures we find on Mommy Blogs for all moms to get a giggle out of.

I figure since your blog is full of humor you might have some funny pictures that we could post on our blog.

If we do post one of your pictures, we will put your blog's button or url in the post with your picture so you would get the credit - and some new mommy followers!

Hopefully you have a great picture to share with us!

Heather Matthews & Heidi Werry

Jenn said...

happy easter back! You and the kids look beautiful. (I like you blue dress...if I had one I would wear it every week) Lyla is in candy withdrawls, she is crazy addicted and her binge on Saturday and Sunday has left realing!