Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Lonely

It's 12:31 AM. DJ is in Dallas for the next six weeks. My only choice is to do nothing but cry my face off and eat cake bites by the bucketload while listening to this song.

The bright side: I have the entire king-sized bed to myself.


Cathy's Blog said...

Ok that isn't the greatest song to listen to when your lonely!!! It made me sad just listening to it and I am not lonely right now. I hate when I am away from Bill for more than a few days let alone 6 weeks...That would be utter torture!! I do like your idea of eating cake bites though, thems are wayyyy yummy!!!

Marie Says Yes said...

what the heck. YOU'RE MOVING?! are you lying or telling the truth?

i've been percolating. i think we should just go and eat stuffed french toast together for real and have some girl talk. how are thursdays? leave a comment if this is a possibility and i shall call.

king sized beds are where it is at. never as fun when alone, but still. it's the only way to go. i don't like to be touched while sleeping. amen.

Hurst Family said...

So sorry- that is ROUGH. But I was just thinking of your post with your cute little niece singing "Grenade" and made me smile. So thanks for that. Maybe you should call her and have her sing to you. It;ll cheer you up.