Friday, July 30, 2010

Photography/Birphday Phriday!

Today is Chancho's birthday. He turned three. I repeat, DJ is no longer a two-year-old. Let there be rejoicing in the land! He isn't wearing anti-gravity boots here, it's just been one of those days where I forget to rotate pictures and I'm too lazy to delete them and upload a new one. As I write I'm eating a piece of that cake. This is my second piece of fudgie cake today. It's just one of those days where every few hours I have to eat a piece of chocolate cake the size of my head.After we ate the cake we went swimming. It was nine hundred degrees with three hundred percent humidity today. I bet you didn't know that was possible. Well, welcome to Tennessee. It was just one of those days where we had to swim and curse The South.
Now, I'm going to write a poem.
Ode to My DJs
by Elise
One of them is big, one of them is small
One of them is short, one of them is tall
They sleep with their knees hitched up and
their mouths gaping wide--
See how the small one takes up my whole side?
I love their bendy ears and the blue of their eyes,
DJs come in Original and handy Travel Size.
I love my two DJs from bottom to top.
I would never have posted this picture without Photoshop.

Happy birthday my little Chancho!

Man, I'm good at poetry. And photoshop.


Tawny said...

Happy B-day (little) DJ
Seriously awesome poem, and I was already in awe of your photoshop skills!!!!

Jenn said...

Yes, I am very impressed! I too love your poem! And I think I know where you used Photoshop...I won't tell anyone!

It is the middle of the night and really truely I should be asleep, yet here I am thoroughly enjoying my dose of Eliseisms...I love you.

Chady said...

HaHa, love it. You are hilarious. And I can relate to the 900 degrees with 300% humidity... I live next door to you in N.C. and hear y'all all the time!

Michelle said...

okay, so you totally crack me up! I just had to comment so you know that I stalk your blog! Love, love, love it!