Friday, July 23, 2010

Photography Phriday!

Starting today, this blog has a feature. If you hadn't deduced as much from my cleverly alliterated title I'm calling it: Photography Phriday! You guessed it, Photography Phriday will consist of me posting a completely awesome picture on my blog. I might only do this today, so it's While Supplies Last, folks. Let's get this ball rolling, shall we?..........aaaaaaand.....................................

Ta da!
(cymbal crashing)

[crickets chirping]

For those who are interested I took this picture using my el-cheapo Kodak Easy Share 12 megapixel camera, from the rolled down driver's side window of my Chevy Tahoe this afternoon while eating onion rings with my other hand. I believe the technical term for what I've done here is "zooming way in." Note how the lighting is coming in from the side, as though it is a beautiful sunset. I planned that. I made an appointment with the deer. They said, "Sure. We usually eat in the meadow around sunset anyway." They were very accommodating since I promised not to bring DJ.

Looking at this picture has got me thinking. How would you like it if you were at the table eating macaroni and cheese with your family and some stranger walked into your dining room, took a picture of you eating, and then took off? What if that stranger shot at you with a bow and arrow? Hmmm, DJ? Think about that for a while.


Friday--thank you for starting with a "ffffffff" sound. Without you this whole concept would never have made it off the ground.

Long Hunter State Park--thank you for providing sanctuary for a family of deer and nice roads for taking scenic drives.

Deer family--thank you for looking right at me when I yelled at my kids to get back in their seatbelts. It was very photogenic of you.

Burger King--thank you for making dollar menu onion rings of the pureed onion variety so the onion doesn't pull all of the way out when you take a bite, leaving you with an empty fried onion ring shell. That is the worst.


Jenn said...

How about Flicker Friday? I am anxious to see what next Friday brings.

Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

I wish someone would dart in and rip the chocolate donut out of my hand, especially at 10 PM. Sigh...unfortunately, Lisa doesn't roll like that. I think I've gained a pants size here. Lucky deer...


Tawny said...

Lucky you
Deer only give me Bum shots:(
When do you guys roll back to town??

Tawny said...

Oh and I finally found your amazing photo shop job on your Ohio Post..

Your Really creepy possessed eyeballs!! Am I right???

Elise H. said...

Tawny wins the prize!

The "photoshop" job was on my eyes/severely outgrown roots that need to be dyed somethin' fierce.

Nice work, Tawny. I can't slip anything past you. Dang it.