Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Name Game

When you hear the name 'Vienna' you think of a classy Austrian city, right? When I hear it in my head, I hear Christopher Plummer's classy voice telling his seven classy children that in the morning he must travel to classy Vienna. This is what my husband pictures: Yep. Canned mystery meat. I blame Parowan High School. I still like the name Vienna, though. DJ and I are playing the name game right now--trying to find a name for this little girl (who is coming on May 28th, by the way. Four weeks. Holy MOLY.) We have a list of names going that we (sort of) agree on. To be more accurate, DJ has a list of four names and I have a list of four names. Here's another name that we're grappling with: Elizabeth. I like it when it's associated with sassy Elizabeth Bennet from the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice. You know...

I have second thoughts about the name, though, when I picture Queen Receding Hairline Elizabeth:

I'm sure that Queen Elizabeth did some good things during her reign. I just read on Wikipedia (so you know it's true) that one of her mottoes was "video et taceo" which means "I see, and say nothing". I would like for this to be my newborn's motto as well. It's the receding hairline that I can't get past. Call me shallow.

Another name we're going back and forth on is Claire. DJ dislikes this name intensely. I like it a lot-- it was my grandma's middle name. Also, if we name her Elizabeth Claire then she can go by E. Claire Haynes. Bonus!

As you can see, we're having issues in the baby name department. I'd really like everyone's input. What I'm going to do is give you our name list and then I want you readers (both of you) to tell me which ones are least likely to get her made fun of in middle school. Here it is:
Vienna (Elise)
Jane (Elise)
Claire (Elise)
Tess (Elise)
Audrey (DJ)
Elizabeth (DJ)
Amelia (DJ)
Natalie (DJ)
Also, if you have any other name ideas I am absolutely open to suggestions. That eclair is making me salivate. I have to go find something sweet.


Roth Family said...

I like Audrey and Claire. Good luck with 4 kids. Boy will you be busy!

Maggie said...

It depends on what you want her personality to be. For example, if you want a crazy 34 year old OCD spinster who washes her hands obsessively and nearly sets the apartment on fire with a pile of kleenex with which she dries her hands, you name her Doris.

That said, I vote Amelia. I think I would get along splendidly with an Amelia. If you name her Amelia I will buy her an infant aviator jacket. And pants. That way her first words can be "if any of you men are wondering what happened to my pants."

Other likes are Jane if she goes by Janie. And Elizabeth because it's versatile and seems very Haynes-like.

ps maybe we should toss word verifications into the name game. mine is: tifismor.

Jeannie Halversen said...

Lee Cee!! I love your blog. It made me laugh out loud. Thank you for that :D

I loved your Grandma so I've always associated fun and happy things with the name Monna Claire. And honey... eclairs are such a happy thing....

I get the whole Queen Elizabeth/receding hairline thing. (I too am shallow) You'd hate to set your kid up for something like that. Having said that, I do like the name. Rachel's middle name is Elizabeth. You could call her Beth or Lizzie (not as in Borden)

One of my favorite seminary students is named Audrey. Big blue eyes and long black hair... absolutely beautiful and such a sweetheart.

Now that the whole Vienna sausage image is in my head....even Christopher Plummer and his cool accent can't drive it out.

I like the name Maggie. It wasn't on your list, but one of the people who posted her opinion is named Maggie and it reminded me how much I like the name. Her explanation of the whole personality/name association on Doris was hilarious. Perhaps if you name her Maggie, she too, will be hilariously funny. Hilarity goes a long way with me....

emily said...

hey elise i found ya! this is emily by the way i sent an invite to your hotmail. i like your names i LOVE tess, jane, and elizabeth. good luck man it's hard finding the perfect name for your kid isn't it? your blog is so cute i love it, it's funny and witty. anyhoo good luck with everything this month. good luck with 4 let me know how it goes:)

Matt and Meree said...

Would Amelia's middle name be Bedelia? If that is the case then stay away from that one - other than that I vote Tess - mostly because I like Oceans Eleven.

Bev said...

Hi I came across your blog by total accident but since you asked I like Amelia. It is a good name and as a substitute teacher I have never came across an Amelia that wasn't nice.

Anne said...

I really like Amelia Jane. Nice ring hunh? It sounds sooo Elisey-like. And it's fair to DJ - but to be honest - after the pain - women should have the naming priviledge!

I think Grandma Monna spelled her middle name Clare- no i - correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems so. Now, because I'm not sure- I'm gonna go look it up on your Dad's birth certificate....

danielandjamaica said...

I know a little girl named Amelia Blue. Think its adorable. Do either of you like the color blue?I also like the name Diem.
We went private so if you want an invite to our blog just email me so I have your email.

Rachel Smith said...

I Love jane, tess, and i really do love Claire but i have to be honest...I always think of E-claire! But yum those are good!

So....I know we've got to be the number one worst friends....but we REALLY need to get together!!!