Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm going to Disneyland!

It happened, everyone. Item #19 on my list of things that I love! You remember, "[Come] up with a really butt-kicking word in Scrabble. And put it on a triple word score space. And then [win] Carrie. One day this will happen. One day..." Well, TODAY IS THAT DAY. Well, yesterday was that day. The word--tiff. The points--51. It was glorious. Sure, 'tiff' isn't the most butt-kicking word I've ever Scrabbled (at one point in the game I had the word 'equinox' on my little tray thing but there was nowhere to put it....I KNOW!), but it brought me back from 24 points behind and kept me in the lead for the remainder of the game. Final score- Carrie, 233 Elise, 270. Awwwww yeeeeah! ...I have got to get a life...


Rachel Smith said...

I've never scored near that high in scrabble!!! My mind just doesn't work well in "smart" mode...but I could totally tell you everything about an old Office episode...can I win that game?? Do they have an Office trivia game??

We miss you guys, Just this morning i says to myself..."I wonder how Elise & DJ are?" Lets get together...(Ya,ya,ya...song it) Dinner, maybe sunday night?

And the tie..my dear mom got that one for me at the Childrens place! But i just made a few killer cool ties today...I found a pattern online!

Davis family said...

WOOHOO. Way to go Elise. Keep playing scrabble it will keep your mind alive after having that baby. My brain cells seem to leave more the more babies I have. its a surprise I have any left. :)