Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo...er...birthday, Macey!

We accidentally threw a Cinco de Mayo-themed birthday party for Macey. I say accidentally because I didn't intend for her cake to end up looking like a platter of guacamole. That was just one of those fortunate twists of fate. Macey really wanted to have a pinata, and since I'm a pretty big fan of whacking things with a stick to produce candy, I went along with the idea. So I went to Walmart in search of their cheapest pinata (you're just going to destroy it, right?). There were $20 High School Musical pinatas and Tinkerbell pinatas, and while I am not opposed to the idea of smacking Zac Efron in the face with an oar, I opted for the el-cheapo $10 parrot pinata that was actually Made In Meh-hee-co (mistake #1). And that was the last bit of thought that I put into the pinata.
So the eve of the birthday party came and it was time for the pinata. "Hmm... pinatas are usually hanging from something, aren't they?" I thought. That was when DJ had the brilliant idea to hang the pinata from our rake and wave it in front of the children's faces (mistake #2). "Hmm...the children will need something with which to whack the pinata..." I thought. So I sent DJ back into the garage in search of a whacking-device. He came back a few minutes later with an oar. I thought this was excellent, since I fully expected him to come back with a set of antlers. So we headed to the backyard with our rake, oar, and poorly-constructed parrot pinata. Oh yeah, and 15 or so crazy nieces and nephews.
As it turns out, pinatas usually hang from a rope for a good reason. Apparently our rake didn't provide the 'give' that the pinata needed to stay attached to the plastic hoop thing that it swings from. That's when we decided to invent a new game.

Pinata Golf

Which quickly degraded into...

Pinata Baseball

I'm so grateful that we decided to forgo the blindfolds.

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Kathy said...

Too funny! Love that pinata golf & baseball!