Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things That Elise Loves

I love making lists. I realized a little while back that I need to remind myself of all of the things that I love in life because lately it seems so easy to focus on the things that I don't love (checking the mail, for starters). I think it goes without saying that I love the gospel and all that that implies, so I'm going to give a little disclaimer and say that this list is just for fun. Don't expect anything too serious here. Also, as a reminder to those who haven't seen me in the last seven months, I am pregnant and consequently half of this list is food-related. Let's do it!

Things that I love:

1. My load-bearing husband. He works twelve hours a day and when he finally takes a Saturday off to go fishing with us he carries a kid, two camping chairs, and a fishing pole up the thirty steps to our car without complaining.

2. My weirdo kids. Why do I feel that this picture requires an explanation? I was cleaning up breakfast (that's why Chancho is wearing nothing but a diaper--I had just thrown his oatmeal-covered pajamas in the wash) and I heard Macey (who is shown here modeling her favorite dress. If I don't pick an outfit for her, she wears this. It's her default dress. The red tights are essential.) telling DJ to hold still. I turned around to see Macey fastening my dishtowel to Chancho's head with a headband. "He's Nephi!" she told me proudly. I don't know whether Nephi would've worn pink Crocs. DJ sure likes them, though.

3. Marshmallow Mateys. I know that I've said it before but I can't say it enough. 95% sugar. 100% heavenly.

4. The name Jane. If I can overcome my phobia of being a tacky name stealer then in seven weeks our new little girl will be called Jane. I don't care if it rhymes with our last name.

5. Really good fresh fruit. Especially strawberries and seedless watermelon. I cannot wait for the watermelon. Ooo... and grapefruit. Really juicy grapefruit.

6. Banana whole wheat waffles with vanilla yogurt on top.

7. Tums.

8. President Uchtdorf. I love all of the general authorities but I really think President Uchtdorf is cool. And not just because of his accent. I also like his hair. ;)
9. Really warm, sunny days.

10. Dipping graham crackers in milk.

11. When they play my favorite songs on the radio. I think I'll rip my radio out of my dashboard with my bare hands if I hear "I'm Yours" one more time, though.

12. DJ's grandparents, Mendal and Marilyn Haynes. They are the two coolest old people you'll ever meet.

13. Pathetic-looking, dumb dogs (as long as they aren't mine and as long as they're not going #2 on my lawn).

14. Pink toenail polish.

15. Poorly written LDS romance novels. There, I said it. Please don't judge me.

16. Finding great deals at yard sales. Who doesn't love that? I like what DJ's cool Grandpa Mendal says about yard sales: "Stuff you don't need at a price you can afford".

17. When my refrigerator leaks all over the kitchen floor. No wait, I hate that. Crap. Wrong list.

18. When I have the self-discipline to go to bed on time. This rarely happens but I love how refreshed I feel the morning after.

19. Coming up with a really butt-kicking word in Scrabble. And then putting it on a triple word score space. And then winning Carrie. One day this will happen. One day...

20. Sewing stuff. Who would've thought?

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Kathy said...

Love you list! I have a leaky refrigerator and it drives me crazy.