Friday, February 1, 2013

There is sunshine in my soul today!

This boy. For the past four or five years he's been going through this phase of not wanting to sleep in his bed. That is how my husband and I found him the other night. Maybe a nightlight will help.

In other news, I am toying with the idea of doing a sugar detox. I am fairly certain that I am addicted to sugar. I have been reading about sugar addiction online and have found all of these great 21 or 28 day sugar detox plans which I have been circling around like a shark, but I am not sure if I am ready for that kind if commitment. This is how I know that I am an addict: I do not think I can live without sugar. I am not sure if I want that kind of life. But I do know that eating the amount of sugar that I eat on a daily basis is going to cause me to die young, not to mention what it's doing to my skin.

February is notoriously sucky anyway, maybe this will be my sugar detox month. I really want to do it, I'm just not sure if I've hit rock bottom yet. I mean, why bother with the recovery process until I've reached that point, ya know? I am craving Oreo cookies.

Speaking of rock bottom, this week was kind of the pits. My poor husband got strep throat. I have no idea from whence he contracted this horrible illness. It was his turn for the penicillin shot in the bum this time and I took great pleasure in watching him wince whenever he sat down. "Imagine running thirteen miles like that!" I declared self-righteously and repeatedly. This was the day before his 31st birthday.

Yesterday - DJ's birthday-  I woke up with one of those 12-hour flu bugs that eternally destroys your appetite for whatever you ate the previous day (Vietnamese shrimp soup, spring rolls, chicken shish kebabs). And when I say "woke up with" I mean the nausea pulled me out of a dead sleep at three a.m. Totally lame.

AND ON TOP OF IT ALL I think I have a stress fracture on my foot. The thing about stress fractures is that you can't run on them for 6-8 weeks or the bone will completely break and you will need surgery. Long story short: I will spend crappy February unable to do the one thing in this world that I enjoy most. I best rethink this sugar detox plan.

Finally, here is a link to my latest column at St. George News. If you haven't already read it, it is about the geological perils that surround us in southern Utah.


Maggie Hurst said...

I've been pondering the sugar detox thing too--maybe we should be buddies- but I really don't know if I can do it. which means I probably should. Dang. I won't be doing anything until we get our stove hooked up. Because I tell you what, cooking with microwave and deep fryer (used like a super fast heating soup pot not for deep frying anymore) and electric griddle, while grateful we have such things, is getting old. But sadly what I'm craving is sugary baked goods from the oven... maybe now would be the best time to start... hmm. Thoughts?

Elise said...

I started today! You should do it with me!

And I think that being oven-less means that this is the perfect time for you to start.

Paxton said...

i was going to say you should give up sugar for lent because I REALLY need to do a sugar detox. we are talking headaches if i don't have a cookie :-P
I keep getting up the nerve to start and then another stupid holiday comes along and all of the sudden I am making sugar cookies with frosting AND m&m's on them! now i have all this left over m&ms...... :-P
Which detox are you doing?

Marie Says Yes said...

Elise, really? Running is your favorite thing to do? Seriously. I want to follow in your ways, Master Yoda. I am working hard at buttering the husband up for a treadmill, because for whatever reason doing couch to 5k sounnds really bad in twenty degree weather. Actually... I want to run a half marathon. And one day a full marathon! Because all you runners just seem to really... LOVE running. And I want that. In light of this, I am very sorry that your foot is injured. Foot injuries are not to be understated. Your foot hurts and that means it hurts every time you move! I feel for your pain. Take it easy so you can recover!

Paxton said...

also reading your article made me ridiculously happy because that is one thing that annoys me, when people choose not to think for themselves and blame "the city" or "those in charge" Why can't they realize that THEY are the people in charge of their life and the decisions they make? :-P Seriously.

Paxton said...

also, i lost your phone number so text me some time so we can dish on this "no sugar" thing we are both stupid enough to want to do ;-)