Monday, January 21, 2013

Monumental: I do not think it means what you think it means

This was a monumental week for me. I got strep throat for the first time in my life. My tonsils looked like big ol' cantaloupes. Sorry if that ruins cantaloupe for everyone, but that is how humongous they were. This was me, every ten minutes throughout the day on Wednesday: "Holy cow! DJ! Come see how big they are now!" It was very exciting. I mean, if you don't take the crippling body aches and fever into account.

On Thursday it occurred to me that I was supposed to run in the St. George Half Marathon on Saturday. I thought, I best get rid of these ginormous tonsils, raging fever, and body aches if I'm going to run 13 miles two days from now. I went to my doctor's office and requested Magic, because I know that is the request that doctors love most. My doctor's Magic came in the form of a penicillin shot to my keister.

This was also a monumental experience. I have never had a penicillin shot. It was not like getting an I.V. or donating blood. It was more similar to being bored by a bull and then having a nurse laugh at you afterward as you attempt to "play it cool."

Fast forward two days. My friend and I ran the St. George Half Marathon on Saturday morning. Would I be beating a dead horse if I called it a monumental experience? It was fun, but it was also kind of like running 13.1 miles with strep throat. Enter the least flattering post-race photo in the history of unflattering post-race photos:
I have this app on my phone that tells me how many calories I burn when I run. The half-marathon burned about 1530 calories. 
"Holy moly!" I thought. "I can eat whatever I want for the rest of my life!" 
But as it turns out that is exactly the number of calories in my post-race meal of choice - an animal-style cheeseburger, Neapolitan shake, and fries:

Finally, in case you're not my friend on Facebook here is a link to what I wrote this week: It's about running, too! You should click on the link, if for no other reason than to see my editor's super awesome Photoshop work with the picture of my brother-in-law in a ski mask. Enjoy!

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