Saturday, February 9, 2013

Adios, Chancho

 This little hoser decided that he no longer wants to be called Chancho:
Here is what happened: We were at my sister-in-law Sheree's "Eat Food and Occasionally Watch the Super Bowl Ads" party. Chancho overheard DJ telling some people what Chancho means in Spanish. 

He was not pleased. 

This whole time I thought he knew. We have told the tale of how he got his nickname so many times I assumed that he must have figured it out at some point, but I was grossly mistaken. I keep trying to sneak it into conversation like it was all just a bad dream, but he won't have it. I am very sad about this. My boy has outgrown his nickname.

Happier news: I ran this week! It was glorious and wonderful and every other sweeping, generic adjective that you can think of. I may regret this later in life when I have to have all of my foot bones fused together or something like that, but for now I am happy and blissful as an ignorant clam.

I love running so much, which is weird because I'm not that great at it. Consistent, yes, but not naturally talented. If we're ever faced with a zombie apocalypse situation my brain will be the first to be eaten since I'm so slow, but I persist. Yesterday I went for my morning trot and it was raining. The sun broke through the clouds and voila:
I stopped dead in my tracks on the trail and took a picture. Can you think of a better way to start your day? Until I can eat doughnuts again, I can't.


Paxton said...

that is so sad, poor chancho! but maybe it's better that his grandkids aren't calling him grandpa chancho. or maybe they will because when he's old and senile, he'll like that.

....i have a distinct urge to be funny in the comments after i read your blog. that is what your hilarity does, inspire unfunny people like me to be witty and funny like you... sorry ;-)

Meegan Alfred said...

Elise!!!!! Chancho doesn't look like a little kid anymore!!! it's CREEPY!!!! And....does this mean he's going by DJ now?

GAH!!!!! I leave St. George for three our four measly years and all the kids grow up. DISLIKE!!!!