Monday, February 4, 2013

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

My sister, Lisa, and I had a long text discussion a little while ago about things that are our favorite. This lotion  is one of her favorite things:
She recently mailed a tube to me and now it is one of my favorite things. It smells of pomegranate and makes my hands silky, but the best part about it is the little key that rolls the tube up, making for efficient lotion usage. So cute.
Lisa is classy.
Me? Not so much.
When she asked one of my favorite "things" my answer was this three dollar lip gloss from the grocery store:

Anyone tried this stuff? I love it. Especially the red-with-green-writing flavor. It smells like Smarties and makes my lips feel silky. Until this moment I hadn't realized how invested I am in feeling silky.

And then there is Tess. Her favorite thing is my blue eye shadow:
She tries to sneak some every day. Blue eye shadow is difficult to sneak. She also wears my smelly lotion, paints her nails on a daily basis, and - I am not exaggerating - she combed her hair in front of her mirror for twenty minutes tonight before bed. She is my mother-in-law reincarnated. She doesn't get this stuff from me. I didn't even realize I was female until I was seventeen years old.

My husband's favorite thing lately is anything to do with lifting weights and weight lifting supplements and eating more lean protein and vegetables. He's been Mr. Healthypants since October. I am very proud of him. Here he is on our last date:

Please notice that he ordered the under-500-calories grilled chicken breast and salad, but won't keep his grubby mits away from my onion rings and barbecue cheeseburger. The cheeseburger thought it was funny, too:
I guess I've been thinking a lot about the little "things" that make me happy lately, since my go-to Happy Thing is off limits for another 25 days. This is my third sugar-free day. No Oreos. No Marshmallow Mateys. No Bordeaux cherry chocolate ice cream. This is really happening. Wish me luck, friends. And pray for my family.

Speaking of funny "things" check out what I wrote about the moisturizing Wrangler jeans that I found online. I laughed so hard when I stumbled up them. And then I briefly considered buying a pair.

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Marie Says Yes said...

"It smells like smarties and makes my lips feel silky??" hahahaha!!!! That's it. I am getting some STAT.
And Elise. I checked the dates. This is the most recent blog up date in YEARS. YEARS. Okay. Well, awhile. This Kansas Citizien thanks you.

Red Robin.... YYYUUUMMM.