Friday, November 2, 2012

Like sands through an hour glass...

Hey guys.

Another week has passed. How does that happen so quickly?! It was the usual grind - homework, Halloween, carpool, cleaning, ballet, Wal-mart - you know. It is a grind, but it is my grind and I love it. Usually.

Halloween is the best. No, that is not sarcasm. See if you can tell what we are:

Olivia was Frankie Stein from Monster High. I was Rapunzel. Tess was Rapunzel. Chancho was Ironman. Macey was a witch. And DJ was a Dad Who is Too Embarrassed to Dress Up But If He Wasn't He Would've Been Flynn Ryder.

Now we are amidst the post-Halloween sugar crash. My kids need to clean their rooms. They are cranky. I am too tired to boss them around. Halloween is the worst.

So I wrote this thing about the younger missionary age. You should take a look. I am excited for sister missionaries to be able to leave earlier, aren't you? Say yes.

Over and out.

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Marie Says Yes said...

YOU ARE SO COOL. Look at us, we are practically soul mates. If we would have been together on Halloween night, I would have sung to you on repeat and lurked behind you randomly, because it would be awesome.
What a cool mom.
Elise, is it okay if I beg you to write on your blog more often? Would that look needy? Because I don't want to seem desperate. Just let me know if it's a little borderline.
P.S. When I heard about the new sister missionary age, I got chills all over my body. I felt so excited for those young sisters! And I'm not going to lie, a little jealous. I always wanted to be a missionary.
Oh, well, I'll wait til I'm old so I can make out with my companion.

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