Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Things have been a leetle busy. Hence the blog silence. BUT, yesterday was kind of a big deal, so here I am.
Just to jog your memory, recall that in October we join together to celebrate the lives of two people: Christopher Columbus and me. Yesterday was my thirty-second birthday. It seems so OLD when it's written out like that.
To celebrate I bought myself a used bike off of Craigslist.
And Carrie threw a surprise party for me.
I also got a new phone which I love with an unhealthy love. Really. It's a problem. One handy feature that it has is the screenshot, which allows me to share the following ridiculous exchange that occurred tonight between DJ and my running buddy, Audrey:
Happy birthday to me.


Tawny said...

Jenn and I talked about your birthday being yesterday, then I got distracted by jacks making me wipe his nose every 5 seconds, and forgot to call or text or anything, so since i have now been reminded. Happy Birthday dear friend Elise, I'm glad your day was good and your bike is awesome!!

32 years of you!! Lucky world!!

Marie Says Yes said...

happy, happy birthday, my dear elise! I'm so glad you were born, thanks for that. do you feel one year older and wiser, too?
A great day in history! yay!