Saturday, November 10, 2012

a RAD metaphor

This morning I did the Color Me Rad 5k with my mom and my sister's husband, Manny. It was super fun and also a metaphor for our earthly lives. We start out pure and white and clean, and as we go through life people throw paint at us until our perfect white hoodie is ruined. RUINED, I say.

After that, you decide that since you're all filthy and ruined that you might as well ruin your sister's/daughter's/wife's lives as well:

And then you die and go to heaven to take a shower and find that somehow the evil of the world has made its way under your hat and onto your hair.
And then you take a shower and the color mostly washes off, but you still find paint powder all over your car and your house and everything you touched between the finish line and your shower door. I suppose it is not a perfect metaphor.

In other news, this week I wrote about how to get over the Romney Lost Bummers. You should read it. Is anyone else having a severe case of the bummers since Election Day?

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Tawny said...

Oh man Looks like so much fun!!

So jealous!