Saturday, November 17, 2012

Turkeys, hamsters, Santa, and other mythical creatures

Today my mom, my sister's husband Manny, and I ran the Turkey Trot 5K. Deja vu, anyone?

Here are all of our people, preparing for the race by having our picture taken by a stranger. We are so hard core.
Speaking of hard core, here is my mom crossing the finish line:
I think that is pretty awesome. Not just because my kids' grandma runs 5Ks, but check out the turkey, random rapper hamster, and Santa Claus behind the finish line. What a reception! Every race should have mythical creatures awaiting you at the finish line. How motivational would that be?! I would run a marathon if there were a unicorn or Yoda at the end of it.

I love the Turkey Trot. Historically, I have had excellent luck at this race. I always win something. Last year I came home with the grand prize - a pair of running shoes from St. George Running Center. This year as we were making our way out to Washington Fields, DJ predicted that this would be the year that we brought home a turkey.


As you can see, Manny also won a turkey, but it is clear that I am more enthusiastic about it by the height to which I have hoisted my bird.

I love free turkeys. And I love how my husband's use of The Secret just won us the main component of our Thanksgiving feast.

(Speaking of Thanksgiving, I wrote this thing over at St. George three days ago. Sorry, I have been a massive slacker about posting these things. You'll like this one. I mention Abe Lincoln. It's very Thanksgiving-y.)

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Marie Says Yes said...

Elise, can you stop running so much? Because you are making the rest of us look bad. Do you think you can come to Kansas City some time so I feel like we might run into each other at Costco again? That would be great. Thanks. Actually, just think -- if you ever want to come see the church sites out there on the cheap, you can stay with us! Yes! We're practically family anyway, blog wise.
Your column is always awesome, but I have decided you should stop writing your column so you can blog more. That is what I have come up with. It's not selfish, either. The world needs more of your awesome blog posts. Specifically, Marie. This is not me being selfish at all, by the way. There's not a selfish bone in my body.
Cough. Cough.