Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Witty Title

Update time. Let's go youngest to oldest.

Tess (a.k.a. Tessida, Baby Love, Stressly)

Age: 2.5

Loves: applying Chapstick, steak for breakfast, painting her nails, eating imaginary frogs, milk, her wubbie, grumpy old farts (i.e. Gru from Despicable Me, the Grinch, etc.), Elmo, cats, and salsa.

D.J. (a.k.a. Chancho)

Age: 4.5

Loves: Monster trucks, mass destruction in any form, orange, trains, orange trains, anything with wheels under it, pushing his sister's buttons, Cars-shaped chicken nuggets, road construction equipment, "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black-Eyed Peas.

Olivia (a.k.a. Livie Livie Lou Fuss Fuss, Lia Lia Quesadilla)

Age: 6.3

Loves: teddy bears, Junie B. Jones books, giving gifts, porcelain dolls, riding her bike, McDonald's Happy Meals, chocolate milk, coloring, playing the piano, learning about the universe, but NOT loud noises.

Macey (a.k.a. Fez, Bella, Macey Face)

Age: 7.5

Loves: earning money, horses, playing pranks like throwing ice water on her OWN MOTHER in the shower, riding her bike, praise, listening to my iPod, bossing people around, exercising her independence, learning the piano, hugging, sending text messages.

Darrell (a.k.a. D.J., Dad)

Age: 29.9

Loves: Alaska, shooting at animals, money-making schemes, guns, his wife, his iPad, cold weather, fishing, movies with good vindication (think The Count of Monte Cristo), 1980s Toyota pickup trucks, snoring, fixating on things, Sportsman's Warehouse, beef jerky, trying to negotiate the price of everything, crappy Mexican food, the theme music from Legends of the Fall.

Elise (a.k.a. Moooooom, I want some egg nog!)

Age: 31.1

Loves: summer, D.J., baking sugary treats, word games like Scrabble and Words With Friends, Benja Thai, running, buying music on iTunes, having my back scratched, barbecued meats, laughing at things, elasticized clothing, making lists, Facebook, green apple Chapstick, cheeseburgers, READING, rain, Chevy Tahoes, convenient packaging, Lake Powell, smart people, green smoothies.
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Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

I miss your family!

They make Cars chicken nuggets? Gabriel would die of joy.

Did you get a piano? Cuz that would be AWESOME!

Much love,

Meegan (who seems to be a mix of Olivia-universe obsession and loud noise hater-and Macey-bossy pants)

Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

Yeah, we aren't discussing my age. Grumble.

Jenn said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog because 1)it reminded me that I have a blog...and 2) it reminded me that you have probably posted another witty and humorous yet insightful post to your blog! And look I was right!

Yes, I agree, I was actually going to call you today! And I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your that your version of a Christmas card?

Paxton said...

Awww! I miss them all!
By the way, do you play words with friends via facebook? Or via ipad? Cuz I play via ipad, but I really only play with Jordan... cuz he's my only friend :-(
want to have a little intellectual smack talk? :-D

Paxton said...

Also you should move to Washington. Because apparently that's where my kids and husband want to live.

On the bad side, it gets cold-er and grey in the winter (but not really so cold as to snow...) there's no Benja's (but there is a HUGE asian influence here... so possibilities!) and it's far away from your family and where you want to live :-(

On the good side, it's closer to Alaska (which apparently DJ likes? eh?) it's close to the ocean (which is pretty darn cool! we see sea lions every week, and whale season is coming up...) we DO get summers, AND (big drum roll) it's closer to me :-D
...and everyone needs a little more me!