Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So there, Us magazine

At 2:30 Monday morning our Christmas tree fell over. I use the term "tree" loosely. Stupid "tree."

Later that morning, my cousin Bodie broke my toilet open with a big wrench to figure out why it wouldn't flush. There was a smallish wooden ball in the pipes. (For the record, I do not feed small wooden ball toys to my children.) After being smashed to smithereens by a wrench, however, the toy ball was the least of our toilet's problems.

I escaped the toilet situation by going to Walmart during Christmas. You know what I hate about Walmart? Almost everything. You know what I love about Walmart? That I always see my friends there. And the low prices.

That evening we hosted the Haynes Christmas party. Since DJ's parents and three of his grandparents have passed away it was just DJ's siblings and our children here for the party. Do you know what this means?! I'm the third oldest person in our branch of the Haynes tree. DJ's sister is a month older than me and here is the last remaining grandparent:

You decide. Is Macey a really tall seven-year-old or is grandma Marilyn a really short 76-year-old?

I'm not actually sure if grandma is 76. She might be 75 or 74. Anyone? I would know if Grandma was on Facebook. Come on, Grandma!

Chancho's wildest fantasies came true in the form of a Christmas train:

My husband never reads this blog and as punishment I post pictures of him in his patriotic jammie pants. To prove that I still have a soul, here is surveillance footage of me in my scary jammies:

Can I tell you how much I adore those ratty old sweats? They are--nay, WERE--DJ's Marine Corps sweatpants. They are soft and warm and huge and absolutely non-binding. You know what I DON'T adore? That our security system has documented my sweats and they are now floating around in a complex web of satellites and internets that I don't fully understand and it seems absolutely feasible that they (the sweats) might turn up on the cover of Us magazine. I am preemptively posting them here so that I can explain how comfy they are. So there, Us magazine.
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Naomi Mae said...

one of these days i might call you again. until then, i'm glad you blog.

jordan never "reads" my blog... he says he just looks at the pictures. but then he yells at me for taking so many pictures! but seriously... what would we blog about without picture? ;-)

Chancho and the train... awesome. who doesn't love a christmas train! the fact that it's on your table makes it more awesome... can it pass the salt? or is it a gravy train?

Marie Says Yes said...

your husband doesn't read your blog?!?! how is that possible?!?!? he obviously doesn't understand your genius, or what you are contributing to the world.
it's okay, though.
my husband doesn't read my blog, either, and i think it's pretty OBVIOUS i have contributions to make(muh-ha). the fun part really is putting things up that you KNOW they wouldn't approve of. i try to do that every now and then, just for kicks.
sorry about the tree. that is evil. but that darling, short grandma TOTALLY makes up for it! happy holidays!

Cathy's Blog said...

I wouldn't be to upset about the pajama pants all those who look at that pic will only see "Barbie" because that is what I immediately thought of when I saw it. Your simply gorgeous my dear!!