Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chocolate Cake, Costumes, and a Wubbie

Macey wrote a story for me the other night. I was lounging on the couch reading and she brought it to me, smiling proudly behind her new spectacles. It's a mystery called My Secrit Cake, by Macey Bella Haynes. It reads: "My secrit cake. I love IT! But Mom says no. The cake is All gone. The End."

Here are my thoughts after reading her story: First, there is no arc. There wasn't any time spent developing the main character. And I was left with so many questions, namely, where did the cake go? What became of the cake between the time that the main character declared her love for it and its disappearance?

Reading her story also reminded me that I still had one piece of my leftover birthday cake wrapped in saran wrap, hidden on the top shelf of my fridge. I opened the fridge to get my cake, but it was mysteriously missing. There was an empty plate, which had frosting-smeared saran wrap twisted off to the sides. There were chocolate crumbs on the shelves of the fridge, as though someone snuck into the fridge to eat it. But no cake. It was mysterious, just like Macey's story.

Speaking of children and the lengths they will go to in their quest for sugar, lookie here:

This was my kids' school Halloween parade. Three things about Halloween: 1. I love free candy. 2. I love that children really get into character. 3. I loathe the entire costume-selling industry. How is it possible that one can purchase a decently-made t-shirt and shorts at Target for $9 and it will last an entire season, barring unforeseen scissor mishaps, but a Halloween costume costing seventeen dollars (which is made of Velcro and felt, by the way) shreds in the first ten minutes of wear? How do you justify yourselves, costume makers?!
This is part of why I love my nephew Casey's costume. He really sticks it to the costume selling industry. If you can't tell, he's Indiana Jones. What do you need for an Indie costume? Church pants? Church shirt? Fedora? You're all set. Surely he would've had his whip, if it wasn't for the school ban on weaponry. I move that next year we're all Indiana Jones for Halloween.
Finally, here's a picture of Tess with her wubbie. She likes to chew on it when she's stressed out. I need a wubbie.


Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

I chew on cookies when I'm stressed. I find they taste MUCH better than blankets...but to each, his own.

Jenn said...

Hee, Hee. I like Meegan's comment.

Happy Halloween! What were Little DJ and Tess dressed as? And why didn't you come to the trunk o treat, or to the play date...are you already that comfortable with your new ward!

Wow, sorry, I did't mean to just chew you out, I guess I just miss you. I hope you had a fun weekend.

Lisa said...

I love chonco's foot in the picture with Tess. Ha ha. He's my kinda kid.