Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well, dat was easy!

So...Halloween. Tess carried on the Haynes family tradition of being Stitch and having everyone think she's both Eeyore and a boy. This has been going on since 2006, with Olivia and DJ preceding her. Sadly, I don't think anyone will fit in the Stitch costume next year. I suppose it's time to return it to Lisa, since I promised her I'd "give it right back" when I borrowed it back in '06. (Has everyone made a mental note to never loan me anything?) Tess got really tired.
We posed on the hood of our car.

Now we're down to the Smarties and Pixie Sticks and sucked-on Tootsie Pops stuck to the side of the bag, and I've had it with the whole institution.
In related news, DJ and I have started running together. For exercise. This feat is made possible thanks to our double jogging stroller and the fact that my older girls are in school in the morning. Normally, I love my jogging stroller. However, when the tires are nearly flat it's kind of like pushing a 100 pound sack of potatoes down the trail. And then when Tess starts crying halfway through it's like pushing a 100 pound sack of really loud potatoes.
When we pulled up to the porch on our first day DJ and I were both huffing and puffing and glistening with WWF wrestler-esque sweat. It was very attractive. Tess was screaming her guts out, presumably because the sun was in her eyes. (I'm sorry, Tess. I can give you milk. Bundle you up in layers. But there's nothing I can do about the sun. You're a bat.) Chancho slid out of the stroller and declared, "Well, dat was easy," and sauntered into the house ahead of us.

I cannot wait to pull that one out and reuse it on him. When he graduates from college--well, dat was easy! When he comes home from his mission--well, dat was easy! You get the idea.


Hurst Family said...

Keep it up :) And the middle picture totally looks like when Lilo is lying on the floor listening to Elvis. I can't remember if Stich is too but it made me laugh. Thanks
(PS I'm not some creepy person-at least I like to think I'm not- I'm one of Tawny's friends.)

Elise said...

Dear Hurst Family commenter,

It seems like there's a part where Stitch is laying on the ground drinking a sippy cup of coffee. I tried to find it on Google, but no luck. (I learned, however, that if you search "Lilo & Stitch image" it pulls up a bunch of pictures of Lindsay Lohan.)

I don't think you're creepy. I'm going to go stalk your blog now...


Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

Holy crow, Tess is getting all grown up! Last time I saw her, she was army guy crawling all over the place!

And, unless Lisa has read this already, what size is that Stitch costume? Maybe it will fit Gabriel next year. But probably not. The kid's a giant, and if babies are like puppies and he grows into those massive paws of his, he'll have to borrow one of his brothers' costumes...

Marie Says Yes said...

dat was easy?!?

muh-ha-ha. children!