Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oopthie! Awe, NUTth!

Whatever happens tonight, it's going to be brilliant. I just ate two (2) bowls of sugar cereal (Golden Grahams) for dinner (for dinner). Let the games begin!

I took some time to do a lot of serious pondering and reflecting in my four day hiatus from blogging. It was a time of great personal growth for me, but now there's a lot to catch up on.
Friday was Olivia's fifth birthday. She's growing up fast but she still has a little lisp that I think is totally cute. (For example, after spilling the box of Junior Mints that I had hidden inside of my book all over the counter or dropping her orange jell-o on the carpet she says, "Oopthie! Awe, NUTth!")
Here's documentation of her party:
Tess was thinking: "This birthday party BLOWS. I'd so be outta here if I could walk."
Chancho was thinking: "I can't believe it's my birthday again!"
Macey was thinking: "CAKE! Cake, cake, cake, cake..."
Olivia was thinking: "Prethenth! Prethenth, prethenth, prethenth..."
On Monday we went out to NYNY Pizza and got free balloon animals. If you were within a two mile radius of my children that night I'm sure you heard their squeals of glee. Olivia asked the balloon man to fashion her balloon into "My mom, Halloween 2007. Kind of a blonde-haired thumo wrethler wearing a pink gown." The resemblance is uncanny. He also made an orange train (?) for Chancho and a horse (?) for Macey. Balloon Man, we salute you.

I put Tess's hair into the Double Atom Bomb Ponytails of Joy this week. It was a monumental occasion. I took a picture. She ripped them out. We went back to eating tortilla chips and playing basketball.

The End.


Meegan, the Evil Stepmother said...

There is nothing wrong with eating cereal for dinner. Nothing, I say! NOTHING!! (especially if it's marshmallow mateys)

You have the cutest kids. Or should I say, the cutetht kidth? :-)

Jenn said...

I REALLY like the double atom bomb pony tails! Isn't it a shame all they want to do is pull them out.

Happy Birthday Olivia!!!